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March 15, 2015 - WWE

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WWE Live Event Results
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Before a uncover even began, they announced they were returning to Milwaukee for Smackdown on Tuesday, Jul 7.  Tickets are accessible now on Ticketmaster regulating a presale formula wwepre.

The reduce play of a BMO Harris Bradley Center was full and a tip 5-7 rows of a top rug were mostly full as well.  Normally, a top spin is curtained off, so it was good to see a assemblage adult for a residence show.

Prime Time Players degraded Heath Slater and Adam Rose.  It was a prolonged awaited conflict of Slater vs. Gator.  Titus strike a Clash of a Titus on Adam Rose for a victory.

Adrian Neville degraded Curtis Axel.  Curtis Axel came out and announced that he has been in a Royal Rumble for over 47 days and afterwards started going into a Hulk Hogan debate about Axelmania brother.  Funny stuff.  Then his opponent, Adrian Neville, came out.  Good behind and onward compare with Adrian Neville winning after alighting a Red Arrow.

Zack Ryder degraded Brad Maddox.  Zack Ryder came out to a ring.  Then a lights went out a drum hurl started with spotlights going around a ring until Brad Maddox seemed on a stage.  The throng went mild.  Maddox unequivocally didn’t do a whole lot a whole match.  Ryder won with a Rough Ryder.  Not unequivocally certain because Brad Maddox returned, a whole thing felt surprising and a throng was by distant a slightest into this match.

Goldust degraded Stardust.  Lots of Cody chants for Stardust.  Stardust spent a lot of time outward of a ring perplexing to equivocate Goldust, separate H2O in his face.  Goldust won a match, to be honest, we can’t even remember how.  Was unequivocally wishing for some-more out of this and can see because this isn’t function during Wrestlemania.

They aired a Connor a Crusher video.  Great greeting for a good video.

They aired a foolish car drop video.  Not even certain because they atmosphere that during WWE events.

Rusev degraded Jack Swagger and Ryback to keep a WWE U.S. Championship.  Rusev came out initial in a United States pretension match.  Sadly Lana did not accompany him.  Rusev gave his common America hating promo before a match.  He was fortifying his pretension opposite Jack Swagger and Ryback in a triple hazard match.  Standard triple threat, everybody got their things in and one male laid outward of a ring, a spots they did to strike a third male out were all good. Lots of USA chants from a crowd.  Rusev won after putting Swagger in a Accolade.  Swagger roughly pennyless free, though Rusev practical some-more vigour knocking Swagger behind down and forcing a tap.  After a match, Rusev distinguished momentarily before locking in a acquiescence again, Ryback came into a ring and strike Rusev with a Shellshock.  Swagger and Ryback celebrated, momentarily doing any other’s Feed Me More and We The People.  That sent a people to break happy.

Paige and Naomi degraded The Bella Twins.  Intermission finished with a Divas Tag Team compare as voted on by a fans.  When they showed a percentages on a shade progressing it was like 95% voted for a Divas singles compare to 5% for a Divas Tag Team match, though somehow, it finished adult being a 51% to 49% Divas Tag Team win (to be satisfactory that was a improved decision).  Whatever, a Bellas came out and faced Naomi and Paige.  Naomi had on unequivocally cold light adult shoes, kind of like Jericho’s cloak though in shoe form.  Kind of cold until one of them stopped operative mid-match.  Paige won with a Rampaige on Nikki Bella.

Miz with Damien Mizdow came out.  Usual booing a Miz, entertaining for Mizdow stuff.  Before a match, Miz done Mizdow squeeze a chair and lay in a dilemma divided from a ring staff. They teased Mizdow attack The Miz with a chair though Miz pronounced he’d glow Mizdow and he’d never work again.  Miz berated Mizdow and Milwaukee and called everybody losers.  He pronounced if they wanted to watch a winner, they could allow to a WWE Network and watch him win a garland of titles.  Jimmy Uso came out (not certain where Jey was) doing common Uso opening and cut a promo on a Miz observant that Miz was a crook and we could watch Miz remove on Raw, on Smackdown, on Main Event, on Superstars, on each other uncover on a WWE Network for $9.99.

Jimmy Uso degraded The Miz.  Overall, they had a really humorous match.  Mizdow did some of his attempt double work that was great.  They had an unpretentious dance battle, where The Miz usually got absurd with his dancing.  Mizdow was eventually removing too good of a greeting so The Miz sent him to a back.  Mizdow instead came in a ring to plea Miz though corroborated down usually for The Miz to spin around and get superkicked in a face and pinned by Jimmy Uso.  Very beguiling and fun match.

John Cena and Randy Orton degraded Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.  Lastly, Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins teamed adult to face Randy Orton and John Cena.  The compare was really complicated on Rollins and Wyatt violence down John Cena, with Cena perplexing to make a prohibited tab to Orton, though being stopped.  Eventually a prohibited tab happened, Orton got in and spotless house.  Cena strike an AA on Bray, Orton nailed Rollins with a RKO and Orton pinned Rollins for a victory.

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