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June 8, 2015 - WWE

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Casey Jones for promulgation in these formula for tonight’s WWE live eventuality in Lake Charles:

We start a uncover with a summary from Ryback to Bray Wyatt, who will quarrel for a Intercontinental Title.

Jojo is station on a theatre and sings a inhabitant anthem. Beautiful singer, by a way.

We get a video summary from Triple H hyping a throng for a show.

Jojo is now in a ring and she will be introducing for a night.

* Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt for a intercontinental pretension is adult first. Ryback is SUPER over with a crowd. About median through, Bray hits a frightful apron DDT on Ryback. Lots of tighten falls in this one and it’s a unequivocally good match. Ryback wins with Shellshocked.

* Adam Rose (w/ Rosa Mendes) vs. Fandango is next. Rosa is removing some vital feverishness with a crowd. Fandango eventually wins a delayed compare with a school-boy.

Seth Rollins comes on a shade and says he will not urge his pretension in his steel enclosure compare opposite Orton tonight.

* The Miz is out subsequent to face Jack Swagger. This was a compare with a lot of comedy spots. The Miz tries to leave though Swagger brings him behind in. Swagger creates Miz daub with a Ankle Lock.

* The Miz is pissed and creates an open plea for anyone though Swagger, and he will make them daub out. Macho Mandow is out subsequent and creates a Miz daub out with a figure-four in about 15 seconds.

A video for a Warrior endowment and Connor plays on screen.

* Triple hazard for a Diva’s Title: Nikki vs. Paige vs. Naomi (w/ Tamina). Good compare with some good throng greeting and a ill super-kick to Paige from Tamina. Nikki wins after a Rack Attack on Naomi.

* John Cena is out subsequent with a U.S. Open Challenge. Wade Barrett answers a plea and it is, of course, for a United States Title. He gets a HUGE greeting in his entrance. Dueling chants for Cena from a commencement of a match. After another good back-and-forth match, Cena wins with a AA.

After a match, Cena grabs a towel as he is bleeding. He grabs a microphone and tells a throng he indeed pennyless his nose. Although, that might have been for some-more cheers.


* Jojo announces that we have a triple-threat tab pretension compare adult next. The Ascension is out first, as New Day is out next. The get outrageous feverishness from a throng as they lay out bad statistics about a state and contend a name of a city wrong twice. They try and get a throng to sing,”We Are The Champions” with no success. Prime Time Players are out final to a outrageous greeting from a crowd. It is apparently an rejecting compare as Darren Young pins Konnor and The Ascension is eliminated. PTP and New Day are left. With Xavier Woods, Kofi, Young and Titus in a ring, Big E interferes while a ref’s behind is turned. New Day gets a win and retains. PTP double group Woods after a compare to have a final laugh.

* Bo Dallas is out subsequent and cuts a promo observant how a city is a square of rubbish and that we came to usually see him. He says he is giving us a present and that present is a energy to Bo-lieve. Jey Uso is out subsequent as they will go one on one. Bo takes a path around a ring and comes behind in to a super flog and a diving splash. Jey Uso wins in about 3 minutes.

* The steel enclosure comes down as we get prepared for a categorical event. Just a reminder, this is a non-title match. Rollins is out initial to some vital heat. They’re gripping to a storyline as he has no pretension belt. Orton is out subsequent to a good greeting from a crowd. Loud “Justin Bieber” and “You Sold Out” chants for Rollins unequivocally early on in a match. Even louder “RKO” chants for Orton. Multiple shun attempts by both Rollins and Orton. Scary impulse when a enclosure doorway is slammed on Randy’s head. Rollins roughly escapes, though Orton grabs him by his hair final second and pulls him behind in. They both mount on a tip wire though Rollins pushes Orton off. Randy sweeps his leg and catches him mid-air for an RKO and a win.

Great match, good throng and it looked to be usually about 50-60 seats empty. About 5,000 people.

Biggest Pops:

Biggest Heat:
New Day

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