WWE Live from MSG: The full outline and because we should care

October 3, 2015 - WWE

On Saturday night, WWE will benefaction a latest WWE Network-exclusive live special, emanating from a prestigious and mythological Madison Square Garden. The eventuality will be headlined by Brock Lesnar, stability his “Go To Hell” Tour as he ramps adult to face The Undertaker in Hell in a Cell after this month.

It’s been a while given we’ve seen a large WWE uncover during MSG, so that alone is a good reason to balance in. Below are usually a reasons we know about since we should be looking brazen to this live WWE Network special, that starts during 8 p.m. ET on Saturday night.

PLEASE NOTE: There will expected be during slightest one or dual some-more matches combined to this label by a time it goes live. What we’re covering here are usually a matches that have been announced brazen of time.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

What am we looking during here? Dolph Ziggler is a jerk and a womanizer who has been doing all he can to make Rusev feel bad that Dolph is dating Rusev’s ex-girlfriend. He’s also been aggressive Rusev when his behind is turned, giving his current partner good gifts while Rusev is usually perplexing to combat matches and acquire a living. Ziggler has also gotten himself into situations where he’s parading his naked, chiseled, lustrous physique in front of Rusev’s girlfriend.

Dolph Ziggler is a good guy.

Why we should care: The final integrate matches these guys have had opposite any other have been good, notwithstanding a awful, awful storyline that has been swirling around them given …

uh …

I’m sorry, I’m carrying difficulty remembering a time before Ziggler and Rusev were feuding.

The thing to demeanour brazen to in this compare is a wish that a alignments will finally, finally change and that WWE will contend it’s fine for us to hearten for Rusev, who is definitely a male we should be entertaining for.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

What am we looking during here? Randy Orton hears voices in his head. They warn him, they understand. THEY TALK TO HIM. Sheamus has a mohawk and a braided brave that DO NOT LOOK STUPID. He is endangered as to your stream turn of entertainment.

Why we should care: Randy Orton and Sheamus have been wrestling any other given time began. They will be wrestling any other prolonged after we and we are both dead. They are both Sisyphus and a other male is their boulder. Somewhere, there are a span of attics, any containing a mural where any male wrestles increasingly some-more different and fantastical opponents.

Do not yowl for them, for this is a limbo of their possess devising. Look over your shoulder right now; Randy Orton and Sheamus are wrestling any other behind you. You consternation since we never beheld them there before. It’s okay. It’ll be over soon. Then they’ll do it again tomorrow. Maybe they’ll phone before they come around and ask if we wish them to collect we adult a Starbucks.

Sometimes it’s good when aged friends move we a Starbucks.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz

What am we looking during here? The New Day are a contingent of obnoxious, tromboning hypocrites who consider all though themselves is booty. The Dudley Boyz are those guys we remember. They still like putting people by tables. Just … not so many with a aged women anymore.

Why we should care: The New Day are unquestionably a best thing about veteran wrestling right now. Just close adult and let them perform you, dammit.

Also, this is a compare many expected to outcome in a pretension change on this show. Title changes are fun to watch. If a Dudleys win a titles here, it will be their rare 10th WWE tab group championship reign. That’s neat, too!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho

What am we looking during here? Kevin Owens is a tubby, aroused jerk who hates all though his family, for whom he wrestles. Chris Jericho is WORLD’S COOLEST DAD, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, steel rope thespian and diversion uncover host.

Why we should care: Chris Jericho MIGHT be gearing adult for a retirement debate subsequent year. The final time he was on a WWE Network-exclusive special, he and Neville stole a uncover in Tokyo. He’s going adult opposite one of a many singular and inspired wrestlers on a categorical roster.

Owens’ initial Intercontinental Championship invulnerability will be opposite a associate Canadian that he grew adult idolizing. He’s substantially going to be a jerk to him and burst on him with his whole body. It’s going to be awesome.

WWE United States Championship Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

What am we looking during here? John Cena is a male who wins things! Seth Rollins is a stream WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Tough break, Seth!

Why we should care: They’ve usually been feuding for a few months, though each time Cena and Rollins have sealed up, it’s been special. It’s expected that Rollins will finish adult going down as one of Cena’s iconic rivals, alongside Edge and Randy Orton.

This steel enclosure compare should be a lot of fun. There isn’t going to be a lot of poser in a finish, since Cena has already won this argument and Rollins has changed onto a argument with TWO KANES. But it still has a high possibility of being a compare of a evening. It’s also expected this will be a categorical event.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show

What am we looking during here? The Big Show is a world’s largest athlete, a destiny Hall of Famer and a many achieved (and substantially talented) large male of all time. Nobody cares about that, since he’s frequency been given anything poignant to do over a past decade and can’t go 15 mins but flipping from good male to bad male and behind again. That arrange of thing creates it tough for a chairman to get invested.

Brock Lesnar is an inhuman, indestructible automaton who was combined to devour beef sandwiches and suplex people until they apart into their bottom components of blood and urine and vomit. He is a tellurian wrecking round with a physique of an strange Master of a Universe fondle and a conduct of the angriest Boxtroll.

Why we should care: Every singular time Brock Lesnar has a match, it is an event. He is truly special. It’s going to be overwhelming to watch him wrestle, no matter who he’s wrestling. He and Big Show should have a good compare that will devolve into a philharmonic of what a beast on earth Brock Lesnar is.

The initial time Brock Lesnar and a Big Show were in a huge, high-profile match, THEY BROKE THE GOD DANG RING. If you’re angry about carrying to watch a Big Show compare in a year 2015, usually demeanour opposite a ring during a offensive sandwich golem he’s fighting. That should heal what ails you.

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