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July 3, 2015 - WWE

Early Saturday morning, WWE will benefaction a live special from a Ryōgoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo on a WWE Network. What was formerly a vast residence uncover will now be seen by a whole universe and might unequivocally good be main-evented by an NXT championship match. The “minor league” graduation for a WWE will during any rate be a prominence and will expected have a largest throng reaction. The newest and hottest heel in a company, Kevin Owens, will urge his NXT pretension opposite Finn Bálor, a male who became a luminary wrestling in Japan for scarcely a decade as Prince Devitt.

The eventuality will also underline a initial Brock Lesnar compare given he mislaid a WWE World Heavyweight Championship during WrestleMania in March. But adequate preamble; let’s get down to business. Here’s given we should caring about this live special, that starts during 5:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, usually on a WWE Network.

Cesaro vs. Diego

What am we looking during here? Cesaro, uninformed of a 25-minute classical compare opposite John Cena on Monday, is rather adrift during a impulse after his tab group partner Tyson Kidd underwent neck medicine that will keep him out for over a year. Diego, a some-more seasoned member of a tab group Los Matadores … has a ideally healthy tab group partner. No word either Los Matadores’ mascot El Torito will be creation a outing to Japan.

Why we should care: This is a bizarre compare that creates some-more clarity in a context of a residence show, though it will be good for Cesaro to get another possibility to shine. He’s one of a best wrestlers in a universe and should unequivocally not be grieving while Kidd recuperates.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day

What am we looking during here? The Lucha Dragons are a span of flippy masked wrestlers. Kalisto is presumably a many sparkling high-flyer in a WWE during a moment. The New Day are a contingent of wrestlers desperately attempting to channel a energy of positivity. They will substantially be represented in this compare by Big E and Xavier Woods.

Why we should care: The New Day can do no wrong during a impulse and this is a flattering uninformed matchup. Kalisto is going to wow we with his honeyed dives and flips. The New Day will substantially come out on top, given they’re perplexing to get their tab titles behind during a subsequent pay-per-view. That doesn’t meant a compare won’t be a lot of fun. (That’s not a guarantee, mind you, though we would be astounded if this compare wasn’t entertaining.)

John Cena Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane King Barrett

What am we looking during here? You substantially know who John Cena is. You substantially know who Kane is as well, nonetheless he’s now wrestling in dress slacks as “Corporate Kane.” King Barrett is substantially here to take a pinfall, given it’s bootleg for him to win a compare unless it’s opposite Zack Ryder. Dolph Ziggler is unequivocally into jean vests now. It’s okay. We’ve all left by that phase.

Why we should care: This is presumably a many vivid instance that this eventuality was primarily designed as a normal residence show. Four names that don’t unequivocally have an ongoing emanate with any other (or a sold group allegiance) usually arrange of lumped into one compare so a assembly in Tokyo can see some some-more stars. And that’s totally fine. Sometimes we usually wish to see a good tab group compare with important names. This could be that! It’ll be engaging to see a Cena/Ziggler energetic as good — they haven’t unequivocally been teammates given Survivor Series final year.

Chris Jericho vs. Neville

What am we looking during here? Chris Jericho is fundamentally a domicile name during this point, an Attitude Era brave who is now a steel thespian and podcast and radio host. Neville is “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” given him and sobriety met during a celebration once, though it was this whole thing and prolonged story short, sobriety didn’t remember to save Neville’s series in a phone, given sobriety was overtly pretty dipsomaniac during that point.

Oh wait, they call him that given he jumps unequivocally high and does crazy flips. Never mind.

Why we should care: The aged ensure of Internet fandom elitism vs. a new hotness? Yes, please. This is a good time to remind everybody that we complained about Chris Jericho being hold down for YEARS. We complained when he became a large understanding in WWE, we complained when he became a initial undisputed champion, we complained when he returned to a midcard and somewhere along a line he became a first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer and an inarguable fable in pro wrestling, as distant as a infrequent fan and a doctrinaire are concerned.

That’s all usually a longer approach of observant that, as wrestling fans, it’s really, really easy to remove steer of good things function given you’re bustling complaining. Let’s usually watch Chris Jericho vs. Neville. That will be fun for everyone.

Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston

What am we looking during here? Brock Lesnar is literally a beast and one of usually dual fighters in a universe whose each compare feels like an event (Ronda Rousey is a other). Kofi Kingston is a final third of The New Day and unequivocally good during jumping around and being killed. It’s not transparent given THIS is Lesnar’s initial compare given WrestleMania, though he’s going to hurt Kingston’s whole life, so this will expected be one of dual can’t-miss matches on a card.


This compare is going to be a stately massacre. Let’s all bask in a warming glow.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige vs. Naomi

What am we looking during here? All 3 of these women are expel members on Total Divas and have all been feuding over a Divas pretension for some time now. Nikki has now hold a belt for so prolonged that Paige is attempting to convene a locker room opposite her. Not usually has Paige not found any allies, though now Nikki and Brie, a Bella Twins, have been assimilated by Alicia Fox as of late.

Why we should care: This three-way compare is indeed a rematch from Elimination Chamber, that seemed like it would be Naomi’s compare to win. That compare was good and this rematch expected will be as well. Nikki will roughly positively retain, substantially around sinful division or distraction. It’s still one of a usually dual pretension matches on a label and a Divas might get a longer compare to showcase what they can do.

NXT Championship Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Finn Bálor

What am we looking during here? Kevin Owens has been a NXT champion given February. Since capturing a title, he’s put his best crony Sami Zayn out of action, degraded all comers and changed to a categorical WWE roster, where he’s now inextricable in a exhilarated adversary with United States Champion John Cena. Finn Bálor warranted a right to be a No. 1 contender to Owens’ pretension and a final 3 weeks of NXT radio have featured a unusual documentary of Bálor’s life and career both inside and outward WWE. Track those down and watch them if we have a means. They’re phenomenal.

Why we should care: Bálor is behind in a nation that done him famous and he’ll expected be “bringing a demon,” that means you’ll get to see a coolest opening in all of wrestling. NXT radio has been building Bálor adult as a vital understanding … given he unequivocally is. It’s probable that Bálor takes a pretension here, permitting Owens to finish his transition to a categorical register and concentration on his argument with Cena (among other things).

Regardless of who walks divided with a title, this is unequivocally a other must-see compare on a card. It’s going to be extraordinary to see Bálor and Owens going during it in a Sumo Hall. It’s even value waking adult early for.

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