WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from …

September 17, 2014 - WWE

Welcome to Bleacher Report’s summation of this week’s Main Event. Here is where we take a demeanour during what happened on a show, examining a winners, reactions to matches and any probable ramifications entrance out of a program.

You would customarily design WWE‘s weekly C-show to be packaged with video packages hyping a pay-per-view this tighten to a event, though that wasn’t a box this week. There were copiousness of videos hyping Night of Champions, though there were also dual matches that had a lot of time to breathe.

Miz and Damien Sandow took on Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth in another tab compare in their series, and Seth Rollins took on Big E in what incited out to be a dark gem of a evening.

Let’s take a demeanour during all that went down on this week’s Main Event.


The Zigglers vs. The Mizs

It looks like WWE is gripping R-Truth with Dolph Ziggler for a time being given this is their third time teaming together in a past 5 days. This is not a bad thing. They could indeed make a good tab group if that was how WWE wanted to proceed.

While we have seen this compare twice already, saying these 4 group correlate still hasn’t gotten old. They’re all great during what they do and play the parts they have been given unequivocally well.

This compare was a good instance of how to brew storyline with tangible wrestling. It wasn’t a hospital or a spot-fest. It was just a fun muster of 4 honourable talents that played into an ongoing feud.

Damien Sandow is generally good during mimicking a mannerisms of Miz, though Truth is also unequivocally engaging when he does Ziggler‘s signature moves.

Miz and Sandow finished adult picking adult a win after Miz took out Truth with a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Winners: The Mizs

Grade: B+


Notes and Highlights

  • It would be engaging to hear Truth’s thoughts on a disproportion between wrestling in jeans and trunks. One has to be some-more gentle than a other.
  • Miz is one of a few WWE Superstars who knows how to beget genuine heat.
  • What should Truth and Ziggler‘s group name be? Leave your suggestions in a comments section, and a best will be put into a check on subsequent week’s ME recap.


Twitter Reaction


Brie Bella vs. Cameron

This wasn’t an generally well-spoken match, though a aggressiveness of both women helped make adult for it. While nobody will call this a good bout, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds on paper.

The one thing that is conspicuous about many Divas in new months is an boost in their aggression. They are holding harder bumps and being some-more infamous when they attack.

Brie picked adult an easy win over Cameron with a facebuster. It wasn’t a noted victory, though it helped her get a small movement streamer into her compare with Nikki during NoC.

Winner: Brie Bella

Grade: C


Notes and Highlights

  • Somebody finally listened to me and gave Cameron a bigger mirror. For some reason, a bigger counterpart creates her demeanour some-more vapid.
  • Cameron indeed attempted to pin Brie when her shoulders were down. That’s a large alleviation over what we saw on Raw.
  • Say what we will about Cameron. She indeed takes a decent bump.


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Big E vs. Seth Rollins

Big E done his initial coming in what seems like a unequivocally prolonged time in a compare opposite Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, he was not accompanied by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

Big E got in some decent offense, though this was all about Rollins proof he had a ability to kick someone who is only as absolute as Roman Reigns.

When a participants were initial announced, it seemed like Big E competence be sacrificed in sequence to give Rollins an easy win, though that was not a box during all.

This was a back-and-forth compare that had some unequivocally engaging moments and showed some of a best qualities from both Rollins and Big E.

These dual group have been wrestling any other given they were in NXT, so they have built adult some chemistry over a years. Their hostile styles element any other unequivocally well, and they have a skills indispensable to make a other demeanour good.

The volume of time they were given authorised them to delayed things down during times, while also picking adult a gait when a time was right. It was a good approach to finish a show.

The finish came when Rollins took out Big E with a Curb Stomp. It never unequivocally seemed like Big E would be a victor, though it was cold to see him give Rollins a run for his money.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Grade: B+


Notes and Highlights

  • It never gets aged saying Big E stalk someone by a ropes all a approach down to a floor.
  • Rollins competence only be a many means contestant in WWE today. There’s unequivocally small he can’t do.
  • This was a best Big E has looked in a prolonged time.


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