WWE Missed Opportunites: WrestleMania Missing Classic Tag Team Title Matches

March 14, 2015 - WWE

Throughout a history, WWE has had usually about any vital tab group that has ever competed in a attention come by a doors.

The Road Warriors, Hart Foundation, Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian and a Steiner Brothers—they’ve all been a partial of WWE during one time or another.

So how is it that WrestleMania, a biggest eventuality in WWE, has had so few noted tab group pretension matches between dual teams.

Think behind to a classical tab group pretension compare that took place during WrestleMania. What comes to mind? You substantially had to consider tough for minute.

In a early years of WrestleMania, it seemed like a compare for a tab group titles was showcased any year.

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The titles were shielded during 14 of a initial 15 WrestleMania events. Some of those events even featured mixed tab group matches. Each of those matches featured dual teams battling to see who was a best.

That was before WWE adopted a truth that commanded tab group matches during WrestleMania indispensable to underline several teams.

Perhaps WrestleMania 2000’s wildly successful Ladder compare featuring Edge and Christian, a Hardy Boyz and a Dudley Boyz was what started that.

Credit: WWE.com

Following that event, a subsequent 4 WrestleManias had tab group pretension matches that featured some-more than dual teams. WrestleMania 20 had dual such matches.

At WrestleMania 21, there was no tab group pretension compare on a card, an denote that tab group wrestling usually wasn’t a focal indicate of a association anymore.

The matches during WrestleMania events that did have dual teams squaring off for a titles were between temporary tab teams.

WrestleMania 22 had Chris Masters and Carlito face Big Show and Kane. At WrestleMania 26, it was Big Show and a Miz opposite John Morrison and R-Truth.

When WrestleMania 28 rolled around, Kane and Daniel Bryan indeed had a group name—Team Hell No—but they were put adult opposite Dolph Ziggler and Big E, that seemed some-more like a approach to get any of a 4 group on a label than anything else.

The one year a association indeed put together a constrained compare for a tab group titles—WrestleMania 25—it was bumped off a pay-per-view card, and a usually people who witnessed it were those in a arena.

Though WWE has done good strides to urge tab group wrestling in new years, it still misses out when it comes to WrestleMania. There are several legitimate tab teams on a stream roster, though that doesn’t meant they all need to be in a pretension compare during WrestleMania.

While it is inexhaustible on WWE’s partial to try and get as many Superstars as probable on a WrestleMania card, carrying a Fatal 4-Way compare any year creates a titles demeanour cheap.

Why not name a tip dual teams during a time and let them set a customary for a rest of a teams on a roster?

It looked like there was a possibility for that this year, with a good argument being built between a Usos and a current tag group champions, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Instead, a New Day and Los Matadores have been incidentally extrinsic into a angle and a four-way compare now looks unavoidable for WrestleMania 31.

Don’t be astounded when that gets combined to a WrestleMania pre-show.

WWE has some really good tab teams, both on a stream register and in NXT. It usually feels that giving dual of them a possibility to have a classical tab group compare rather than engagement a wild, multi-team dispute would make some-more clarity for a biggest eventuality of a year.

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