WWE Missed Opportunities: Cesaro’s Battle Royal Win Should Mean More

March 22, 2015 - WWE

As WrestleMania 31 fast approaches, so does a second annual Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

This was a singular judgment introduced by WWE during final year’s large event. After conference a proclamation that this compare would take place, fans had to feel like it would be a approach for an up-and-coming Superstar to benefit a large push.

The compare featured some tip names such as Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, as good as a dual biggest Superstars on a roster—Big Show and The Great Khali.

However, it was Cesaro who would exist them all. From a impulse he hoisted a large Big Show over a tip wire and tossed him out of a ring, it seemed like many bigger things were on a setting for Cesaro.

But that would frequency be a case.

Shortly after WrestleMania, Cesaro would dump Zeb Colter as his manager and align himself with Paul Heyman. Few wrestlers have unsuccessful to strech stardom underneath a superintendence of Heyman.

But instead of rising adult a ranks, Cesaro floundered in a midcard, losing matches to Rob Van Dam and Sheamus.

At a Battleground pay-per-view in July, another Battle Royal was hold to establish a new intercontinental champion. In that match, Cesaro, who had won a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal usually 4 months prior, was separated by Heath Slater.

This resolved Cesaro’s run as a “Heyman guy,” as he went behind to being on his own. But things usually got worse.

He went on a prolonged losing streak, notwithstanding removing countless shots during both a intercontinental pretension (then hold by Ziggler) and a United States pretension (then hold by Sheamus). He mislaid all of them.

When he forsaken matches opposite Ryback and Erick Rowan in November, it seemed that Cesaro was going to blur into oblivion.

In fact, Steve Austin even asked WWE Chairman Vince McMahon about Cesaro’s standing during an talk following Monday Night Raw in December.

McMahon suggested that Cesaro lacks glamour yet also pronounced he believes a King of Swing could still be a Superstar many viewers feel he should be.

Cesaro would go on to form a tab group with Tyson Kidd. Together, Cesaro and Kidd form a singular duo, as both Superstars are immensely gifted and improperly used by a company.

They fast found success, defeating The Usos during WWE Fastlane to win a WWE Tag Team Championships.

As a stream champions, we would consider they’d be headed for a large compare during WrestleMania. As of this moment, they’re not.

Andre The Giant was one of a many feared and successful competitors in WWE history. He was a really initial chairman ever inducted into a WWE Hall of Fame.

If you’re going to emanate a compare in his honor, it needs to be many some-more important. It needs to lift many some-more prestige.

Remember when a King of a Ring contest became an present rising pad for a male who won it? This Battle Royal needs to be looked during a same way.

Rather than being a filler compare featuring a slew of superstars WWE has no thought what to do with, slots in a Battle Royal should be harder to obtain. There should be subordinate matches usually to get in.

Credit: WWE.com

Andre The Giant was an unstoppable force in a Battle Royal. He valid that when he went by several other WWE Superstars and NFL players during WrestleMania 2.

The male who wins a Battle Royal in his respect should have to acquire it and afterwards be rewarded handsomely since he did acquire it.

Cesaro should be in a vital compare during WrestleMania 31. Instead, he’ll be propitious to be in a compare on a pre-show.

As for a Battle Royal, it doesn’t seem as yet WWE will place any some-more significance on it or a male who wins it this year. The many engaging news concerning a compare is a announcement on WWE.com that an NXT Superstar will get a possibility to enter and contest in a event.

As a result, many fans substantially won’t caring about it either, and that’s a shame.

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