WWE Missed Opportunities: Could Axelmania Ever Become Big?

April 12, 2015 - WWE

It can’t be personal as a totally missed event usually yet, but WWE‘s doing of Curtis Axel is quick apropos one.

Ever given Axel was pounded by Erick Rowan during a Royal Rumble—preventing him from competing in a match—he has combined a new energetic to his impression on a microphone.

Axel went from claiming he had never been separated from a Royal Rumble—which was fundamentally true—to formulating “Axelmania.” Playing off many of Hulk Hogan‘s aged catchphrases and mannerisms, Axel seems to have unequivocally connected with a audience. Just listen to it when he comes out.

On tip of being interesting as a speaker, Axel is a really gifted in-ring competitor. Being a son of a late Curt Hennig will do that.

But what is a indicate of Axelmania if he is going to remove each match? Why does WWE insist on creation comedy acts out of things like this?

Axel has suffered dual waste to new WWE Superstar Neville, and during WrestleMania 31, he was a initial male separated from a Andre a Giant Memorial Battle Royal when a rest of a competitors ganged adult on him and tossed him out of a ring.

Prior to WrestleMania, he wasn’t winning matches either.

So where will Axel go from here? Looking during past story with WWE, substantially nowhere. Axel will expected continue on this trail until people don’t caring about Axelmania anymore. His career will expected take a really identical trail to that of Zack Ryder.

Ryder was means to locate on with a fans, though WWE roughly refused to expel him in a bigger role. Only when a cheers became too shrill to omit was he given a push.

Ryder became United States champion, though it’s tough to even remember that. Sounds a small like when Axel was Intercontinental champion, doesn’t it?

After Axel aligned himself with Paul Heyman, he was means to collect victories over a likes of Triple H, Chris Jericho and John Cena. This all led to him winning that Intercontinental title. It seemed then, and still does now, that WWE didn’t see Axel as a categorical event-level Superstar through.

Perhaps Axelmania could lead him behind to that spot. There are copiousness of fresh, interesting matches and feuds that Axel could have. However, it has to start with him racking adult wins.

Having Axel come out and say, “Whatcha gonna do when Axelmania runs furious on you?” usually to get beaten in each compare will stop being interesting really quickly.

WWE has a gifted third-generation Superstar who is usually 35 years old. He still has a splendid destiny in front of him—one that WWE needs to commend and take full advantage of.

His career should opposition that of a one his father put together. The former Intercontinental and United States champion was never noticed as a comedy act.

Axelmania should be using wild, on to most bigger and improved things in WWE.

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