WWE Missed Opportunities: King of a Ring Should Be Higher Priority

May 2, 2015 - WWE

This past week, WWE fans witnessed a crowning of a code new King of a Ring. Bad News Barrett degraded Neville in a finals to join a list of winners that includes 9 group who are members of a WWE Hall of Fame.

However, if we missed any of a movement this past Monday or Tuesday, we totally missed it. Yes, it happened that fast.

WWE done small to no discuss of this year’s King of a Ring save for a brief proclamation during a Extreme Rules event. On Monday Night Raw, first-round matches took place.

King of a Ring hasn’t been a unchanging pay-per-view eventuality given 2002. But there’s never been a judicious reason as to because WWE done that decision. It’s only one of a many obscure moves it has done over a years.

Remember when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin won a 1996 King of a Ring? His post-match debate is only one of a many iconic moments from a event’s history:

Since 2002, WWE has put on a King of a Ring contest only 4 times, and any has seemed flattering random. In 2006, when Booker T degraded Bobby Lashley in a finals, a compare during slightest took place on pay-per-view, removing a mark on a label for Judgment Day that year.

When a contest was in a revolution of annual pay-per-view events, it rivaled Royal Rumble and even WrestleMania in terms of fad and anticipation. Always holding place in a summer, it supposing a good overpass from WrestleMania to SummerSlam.

The best thing about a contest was that it always helped to rouse a midcard Superstar to a subsequent level.

Credit: WWE.com

Winning a contest was one of Owen Hart’s biggest career achievements. Austin and Triple H weren’t determined in a categorical eventuality until they were crowned. For Superstars like Kurt Angle, Edge and Brock Lesnar, it solidified a fact that they would be destiny legends in a business.

So because dump it? Why pierce it behind once each 4 or 5 years?

Under a aged format, Superstars had to win a subordinate compare only to get into a tournament. WWE afterwards built a eventuality on a grueling, one-night contest in that conditioning would be a outrageous cause in creation it by to a end.

That was interesting. This year’s contest saw an eight-man joint with first-round matches on Monday. On Tuesday we had to balance into a WWE network to watch a semifinals and finals.

That was a good pierce on WWE‘s part. Anytime they can use a network as a apparatus to get viewers, it’s a good business decision. But in a process, they took out a chapter that a Superstar has to win 3 matches to turn king. Why not do a subordinate turn on Raw and afterwards a full contest on a network?

There is one certain note: Winning a contest will be good for Barrett. He creates a ideal King of a Ring and should be means to run with a gimmick. In his case, he needs to, as it could be his final possibility to perform his potential.

It was also good for a rising Neville, who looked clever in a contest notwithstanding entrance adult only short.

These are a kinds of things a contest was combined for. It’s only a contrition that it all has to occur so quickly, though many build behind it.

Is there any possibility WWE will ever pierce it behind to pay-per-view? It doesn’t seem like it, though there is positively no reason because it couldn’t reinstate an eventuality like Payback in May or Battleground in July.

WWE might feel that carrying it irregularly creates it some-more prestigious; during slightest fans are still treated to it now and then.

But many fans are substantially inspired for some-more and don’t wish to wait until 2019 or 2020 to see a new King of a Ring.

They shouldn’t have to, either.

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