WWE Missed Opportunities: Looking Back during a Career of Chris Masters

January 3, 2015 - WWE

When Chris Masters finished his WWE entrance in 2005, it was roughly immediately transparent that he had a intensity to go really distant in a business.

Masters had a good physique as good as an conceited celebrity that immediately clashed with many fans, sketch some really good heat. He looked like a form of male who Vince McMahon loves.

Masters used a scheme identical to Ivan Putski’s aged Polish Hammer. It was an impressive-looking blow, and it showed how Masters could turn a critical destiny star.

Soon after his debut, Masters started adult a “Master Lock Challenge,” mouth-watering anyone to come out and try to win some income by violation his signature full nelson.

These hurdles helped Masters go over as one of a biggest heels on a roster, and shortly he had his initial large compare during a Unforgiven pay-per-view in Sep 2005.

His competition would be Shawn Michaels.

This was Masters’ large opportunity. Just months after appearing on television, he was already in a marquee compare opposite one of a biggest performers of all-time.

The compare went scarcely 17 minutes, and Masters pushed Michaels to a margin of defeat, though he fell usually short. Who knows accurately what a feat for Masters would have done, though it would have been outrageous for his career.

While Masters was means to say a pivotal purpose on WWE Raw, he never seemed to strech a tallness that he was during before to his compare with Michaels

He was means to acquire a mark in a Elimination Chamber compare during a New Year’s Revolution pay-per-view in Jan 2006. But with a WWE Championship on a line, Masters couldn’t be deliberate a loyal hazard to win a match.

The one thing he still had going for himself was his Master Lock hold. That was, until a Mar 19 part of Raw in 2006.

Bobby Lashley became a initial male to strictly mangle a hold—though they authorised one of a soldiers during a Tribute to a Troops eventuality to be famous as a initial male to do it when he transient a reason after some assistance from JBL.

After that, it seemed like Masters was lost. It seemed like a association no longer had a instruction for him, and he was placed in several incomprehensible matches following that point.

In Nov 2007, Masters was dangling for 60 days for violating a company’s square abuse process for a second time. It didn’t even wait a 60 days. Less than a week later, he was expelled from his WWE contract.

It was a overwhelming finish for Masters, though he would get a second possibility with WWE in a summer of 2009.

Would Masters be means to rekindle his once earnest WWE career? How would he execute himself following an deficiency of scarcely dual years?

In 2009, Masters returned on a Jul 27 part of Raw as an competition of Montel Vontavious Porter.

Though it was good to see Masters back, it was transparent that a throng that night possibly had no thought who he was or usually didn’t caring that he was back. Masters was also extremely smaller in terms of his robust coming than when he final seemed in WWE.

The compare between a dual group finished in a double count-out. The dual had a rematch a following week, that Porter was means to win by pinfall.

Just like that, Masters had already suffered his initial better given returning. In his initial run with a company, he went months though a loss.

Masters never got off a starting retard during his second run with a company. It roughly seemed like it was frightened to put him in a limelight since of his past infractions.

If that were a case, because did it ever move him back?

WWE motionless to try Masters out as a face and, notwithstanding a few wins on a uncover Superstars and a absurd pec-dancing gimmick, he was never given another large push.

Just dual years after being re-signed, WWE finished a preference to let Masters go again.

Masters is usually 31 years old. He could still be a large square of a WWE roster, though his career sadly went in a opposite direction.

He still competes on a eccentric circuit and has won 8 championships in his career. Were his failures in WWE his possess fault, or did WWE skip a vessel on this guy?

Despite a once earnest career and an considerable start with WWE, Masters never won a singular championship with a company.

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