WWE Missed Opportunities: Naming a New Raw General Manager

January 10, 2015 - WWE

The 2014 Survivor Series culminated with a array of events that had to leave fans of a stream product in an excited, confident state.

Not usually had Sting done his long-awaited WWE debut, though Team Cena was means to better The Authority and in a process, mislay Triple H and Stephanie McMahon from power.

On tip of that, it was Dolph Ziggler—not John Cena—who was means to acquire a determining pinfall for his team. That was a really enlivening sign.

But in reduction than 6 weeks, WWE has managed to describe that whole compare and chapter all though incomprehensible with a events that have transpired over a final dual weeks.

Triple H and Stephanie returned to Raw and a really subsequent week, threw their energy around before banishment Ryback, Erick Rowan and Ziggler. Cena could usually mount behind and watch it all happen.

It’s a same aged strain and dance from WWE. They’ve prolonged ran with a indication of carrying an intensely disliked chairman or persons in assign of Raw or SmackDown, hell-bent on creation a lives of many of a tip Superstars miserable.

It worked with Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, though it’s gotten seared with a likes of Vickie Guerrero and now a WWE‘s tip energy couple.

It’s usually not that engaging anymore.

Following Survivor Series, WWE had an glorious event to sire that trend and place a new General Manager on their flagship show. Only this time, because not have it be someone who a infancy of a fans like or during a really least, someone who isn’t a despised heel.

The thought of carrying a heel in assign of a uncover formulating roadblocks for certain Superstars is a tried-and-true plan, though it doesn’t have to be a approach things go forever.

Does WWE not know how to book any other way?

Take for instance when Mick Foley was WWE Commissioner behind in 2000 and 2001.

Foley was not usually really good in a role, though he done things entertaining. There wasn’t someone intentionally perplexing to bury certain people by entrance adult with things like encumber matches on a unchanging basis.

Again, these storylines have proven to work, though with years on years of repetition, it tends to get a small boring.

That is accurately because WWE should have selected a opposite instruction than a one they usually went in.

Why not retreat a tables and have a new ubiquitous manager come in and make things tough for The Authority and their associates? This would have been generally engaging in a box of Seth Rollins.

Instead of carrying a chapter where Cena was a usually chairman who could move The Authority back, a new GM could have set something into place where it would have been Rollins’ preference when they would return.

What would be a catch? Rollins would have to use his Money in a Bank briefcase to do it. In other words, Rollins would have to successfully money in a briefcase in sequence to get Triple H and Stephanie behind on television.

This would have kept things engaging as fans would have constantly wondered when and where Rollins would try to money it in. Would he be studious but his support organisation or would he feel a vigour and spin in a briefcase earlier than he would have creatively liked?

Sting, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and Foley are all guys who would have been good selections for this role, so prolonged as they were interested. Even if they weren’t, WWE would have copiousness of options to fill a position.

Instead, they went a same sleepy track that they have turn all too informed with. The Authority was behind one month after Survivor Series. As usual, WWE refused to do a delayed build to a new storyline.

Even if there was no approach they would have altered their minds about The Authority’s lapse to power, they could have waited longer.

But what fans have been given on a final dual episodes of Raw have been zero brief of atrocious.

Having Triple H and Stephanie come behind and subsequently glow Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler totally erased all that Survivor Series stood for. In many ways, it done it pointless.

What seemed to defining impulse for Ziggler when he pinned Rollins to win a rejecting compare during Survivor Series now appears worthless.

Of course, anyone who has followed WWE knows that Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler will be behind and during a same time, WWE might chuck in a turn that totally turns around a storyline in a certain direction.

But does anyone have any certainty that they will?


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