WWE Missed Opportunities: Stone Cold vs. Bill Goldberg

December 13, 2014 - WWE

At a tallness of a Monday night wars between WWE and WCW, dual stars shined brightest, one for any company.

When WCW began to notice a success WWE was carrying with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, they countered with Bill Goldberg.

While Austin was obvious via a attention from his time as Television Champion in WCW as good as a brief run in ECW before WWE, Goldberg was an unknown.

Goldberg, who had s brief army in a NFL, seemed on WCW Nitro to small fanfare. He started during a really bottom. With a sincerely plain look, it seemed he’d be one of a guys WCW used as an encouragement talent to assistance put over a bigger stars of WCW.

But after his entrance compare opposite Hugh Morrus, that was frequency a case. It was transparent Goldberg had some aberration to him. That became some-more and some-more clear with any foe he mowed down on WCW programming.

But as Goldberg was coming up a ranks in WCW, Austin was during a tip of a food sequence in WWE. But it wouldn’t be prolonged before people frequently mentioned a dual Superstars in a same sentence.

In a midst of an implausible undefeated streak, Goldberg would turn a WCW United States Champion. Then, reduction than 3 months later, Goldberg got a feat that would perpetually sketch his name in wrestling history.

In Jul 1998, Goldberg degraded Hollywood Hogan to turn a WCW World Heavyweight Champion. At a same time in WWE, Austin was WWE Champion, carrying won a pretension from Shawn Michaels during WrestleMania 14.

By this time, a dual group drew comparisons on a unchanging basis. Not usually did they have a really identical look, yet they were also a tip stars in their particular promotions. Fans dreamed of a compare between a dual men, yet it didn’t seem expected during a time.

By Mar 2001, WCW was being sole to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Suddenly, McMahon owned his foe and had a choice to move in as many members of a WCW register as he saw fit. But due to some of a WCW wrestlers being underneath agreement to AOL/Time Warner, WWE chose to let those run out.

Because of this, Goldberg wasn’t seen on radio for dual years. In that time, he worked some matches over in Japan.

Goldberg finally struck a understanding with WWE in a early partial of 2003. The initial vignette compelling his entrance was shown on a WrestleMania 19 pay-per-view.

WWE fans were finally going to get Goldberg. But what they didn’t comprehend during that time was that another vital star would be competing in his final match. That would be Austin.

At WrestleMania 19, Austin battled The Rock, a third time a dual group had faced off during WrestleMania. Austin was degraded in that compare and never competed in WWE again. Concerns over a formerly postulated neck damage forced The Texas Rattlesnake into retirement.

WWE fans couldn’t have had worse luck. The dream compare they had waited years to see would never happen.

Goldberg usually competed in WWE for one year, carrying copiousness of success. He had feuds with The Rock, Chris Jericho and Triple H. He also won a World Heavyweight Championship. But a compare with Austin is what a people wanted.

The closest fans would ever get was during WrestleMania 20. On that night, Goldberg faced Brock Lesnar. Austin was extrinsic as a special-guest referee.

Though a compare was injured by a fact that fans were wakeful that Lesnar and Goldberg would both be withdrawal WWE following a match, Austin still did his best to entertain.

After a compare was over and Goldberg was victorious, Austin delivered a Stunner to Lesnar right after Lesnar disrespected a throng with a center finger. But Austin didn’t stop there.

He offering a drink to Goldberg to applaud a win, yet in standard Austin fashion, he delivered a Stunner to him as well. Though it was distant from a compare fans had hoped for years before, a throng during Madison Square Garden that night seemed to truly suffer a moment.

When we demeanour behind on wrestling history, this will positively be one of the biggest matches that never happened. WWE wasn’t during fault; it was only a box of bad timing.

With that said, maybe these dual legends were meant to turn stars on their possess and not together. Perhaps a compare between a dual was never meant to be.

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