WWE Missed Opportunities: Tamina Snuka Continues to Be a Non-Factor

July 4, 2015 - WWE

WWE has ushered in several successful second- and third-generation Superstars over a years. In some cases, those Superstars have had even some-more success than their fathers and grandfathers.

The Rock and Randy Orton are dual primary examples of this, as both have won mixed titles and turn dual of a biggest names in WWE history.

In new years, WWE Diva Natalya and Superstars like Curtis Axel, Cody Rhodes and The Usos have all won titles with a company. Each of them followed in a footsteps of his or her fathers in doing so.

But success hasn’t come for everybody who had a famous father in WWE. At least, that has been a box so distant for Tamina Snuka.

She is a daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who was one of a many tangible wrestlers in WWF in a early 1980s.

Tamina has been partial of a categorical register for over 5 years and has usually found amiable success to this point. Despite being one of a some-more intimidating women on a register in terms of earthy appearance, she has indeed found some-more success as a manager than she has as a wrestler.

Tamina’s career began as a manager of Jimmy and Jey Uso, and together, they finished an engaging trio. The Usos have left on to turn tab group champions on mixed occasions, though Tamina has nonetheless to locate a break.

Is this since WWE doesn’t trust she is on that level, or since it believes it has several women on a register who are some-more gifted than she is?

Tamina is clearly not a prototypical Diva. She won’t interest to a assembly a approach that Brie and Nikki Bella do, though she can get a pursuit finished in a ring.

She possesses a nasty superkick and utilizes a dash off a tip wire in a same demeanour that finished her father one of a best high-flyers in history. WWE needs to enhance on that rather than to only have her biding her time in a background.

Tamina’s many new purpose with a association has been that of a bodyguard. She stood in a dilemma for AJ Lee, and following a prolonged interregnum due to injury, she is now subsidy adult Naomi.

The partnership with Lee can be described as zero brief of a failure. However, carrying her as a bodyguard of Naomi indeed creates clarity and has potential. With Naomi being married to Jimmy Uso in genuine life, she and Tamina are now family.

Naomi and Tamina immediately targeted a Bella Twins, and it seemed that Naomi was in position to win a Divas title. But she came adult brief in her bid, and it hasn’t taken prolonged for a Bellas to deflect them off on a unchanging basis.

On a many new book of Monday Night Raw, Brie and Nikki degraded Tamina and Naomi in a tab group match.

For Tamina to be successful as a bodyguard, she can’t demeanour that weak. If WWE is ever going to make her a hazard to win a Divas title, building toward that starts now.

Unless of course, WWE only doesn’t see her as a Divas champion.

Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Perfect, Rikishi, Bob Orton and Rocky Johnson are all members of a WWE Hall of Fame. Their children have all won during slightest one championship in WWE.

Though he is a member of a WWE Hall of Fame, Snuka shockingly never hold a pretension in WWE. To this point, conjunction has his daughter.

What will it take for Tamina to mangle through?

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