WWE Missed Opportunities: The Career Downfall of Tensai

December 26, 2014 - WWE

Following a WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view event, Lord Tensai finished his initial entrance on WWE Monday Night Raw. It was not a initial entrance for a male portraying a character, Matthew Bloom.

In this book of “Missed Opportunities,” we will take a demeanour behind during Bloom’s time in WWE as Tensai; however, a essay won’t hold on a tab group he shaped with Brodus Clay, collectively famous as Tons of Funk. Unfortunately, a impression was already mislaid by that point.

So instead, let’s concentration on a time before that.

Tensai debuted on a Apr 2, 2012 book of Raw. Though he came out dressed like a Japanese warrior, fans who had been examination WWE for years simply famous him as a male before famous as Prince Albert and A-Train.

It had been over 7 years given he had been inside a WWE ring. In his initial army with a company, he was means to turn WWE intercontinental champion.

However, it seemed he could simply find some-more success a second time around, generally after picking adult pinfall victories over CM Punk and John Cena, dual of a biggest stars on a roster.

In fact, a list of guys who have finished that in a brief time support that Tensai achieved it can't be really long.

But it wouldn’t be prolonged before WWE started tweaking a character. It forsaken a “Lord” from his name, determining to go with only Tensai. It also motionless opposite him entrance out in a Japanese outfit.

This all seemed to take divided from a character, and soon, a waste started pier up. Where had a large pull he’d been given go? What finished WWE confirm to change a balance on Tensai so quickly.

Hardcore WWE fans compensate attention. They don’t forget certain details—even after 6 years.

Despite a finish makeover WWE motionless to give a character, fans weren’t shopping it. They weren’t shopping all of a black that Tensai put on his face or a fact that WWE had him pronounce Japanese.

To them, he was still A-Train. He was still a man whom they chanted “Shave your back” to all those years before. As a result, they simply didn’t care.

However, it’s not all on WWE. Tensai only didn’t do adequate to make a throng caring either.

Remember when Bray Wyatt finished his entrance and fans immediately chanted “Husky Harris?” That died down flattering fast since of Wyatt’s integrity to get a impression over and make a throng trust in a totally new persona.

That never happened with Tensai, and that’s a shame.

Around a same time of Tensai‘s debut, WWE introduced a new Superstar by a name of Ryback. Both group got off to clever starts, putting together considerable winning streaks.

What if WWE had kept both group undefeated and had them block off during WrestleMania 29? Sure, it wouldn’t have been a technical classic, though dual undefeated wrestlers going during it would have finished it a really fun compare to watch.

It would have been improved than Ryback vs. Mark Henry, too, that is a compare it did go with.

On tip of being one of a many jaunty large group WWE has ever had on a roster, Bloom also had a really successful army in Japan underneath a name Giant Bernard.

With guys like Hideo Itami and Finn Balor eventually entrance adult to a categorical roster, carrying antithesis like Tensai would have been glorious for possibly of them due to his laxity with their character and his credentials in Japanese wrestling.

To this day, Tensai could still be a top-level heel used as a stepping mill for Superstars looking to strech a categorical event.

Many fans substantially don’t skip Tensai, though that doesn’t meant WWE didn’t skip a large event with him.

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