WWE Missed Opportunities: The Downward Spiral of Cody Rhodes

June 6, 2015 - WWE

Cody Rhodes has found success during a march of his WWE career, nonetheless nothing of that success has come recently. The waste have piled adult for Rhodes, who is now behaving as Stardust, and he is descending serve and serve down a card.

According to this report by Evan Real of HollywoodLife.com, a compare is designed between Stardust and a star of Arrow, Stephen Amell. Though Stardust competence benefit some movement streamer into that compare as good as a mark on a card, it would expected lead to nonetheless another annoyance for a Superstar.

After all, how many times have celebrities mislaid a compare in WWE?

It’s time for WWE to throw a Stardust impression and concede Rhodes to reinvent himself again. The impression hasn’t worked, during slightest not as a singles competitor. The usually time when intensity did exist was when Stardust and Goldust split, starting a singular kin rivalry.

But WWE inexplicably scrapped a feud. If Goldust and Stardust aren’t inextricable in a argument or partial of a tab group together, there is simply no need for a Stardust gimmick.

Since that time, Stardust has found himself on a losing finish of many of his matches. Recently, he’s forsaken mixed matches to R-Truth as good as being dominated on a many new book of SmackDown by Ryback.

As a former two-time Intercontinental champion who is still usually 29 years old, Rhodes should be removing closer to a categorical eventuality scene, rather than serve divided from it. With Money in a Bank set to take place in usually over one week, Rhodes will be on a outward looking in during a large Ladder Match.

However, in 2013, he came really tighten to winning that really match. Instead, it was Damien Sandow who incited on his partner Rhodes, who was inches divided from grabbing a briefcase. Instead, Sandow crawled adult a ladder from underneath Rhodes, pulling him off in sequence to waylay a victory.

Had WWE selected to go with Rhodes as a leader instead, how most opposite would his career be today? Would Stardust even exist? It’s really expected that impression would never have been combined underneath those circumstances.

Instead, Sandow became one of a usually Superstars to ever remove his compare when attempting to money in a briefcase, while Rhodes has suffered as a man whom WWE doesn’t seem to know what to do with.

So how does WWE get him behind on a right track?

If WWE insists on engagement this reported compare with Amell, it should use that as a impulse to dump Stardust. Rhodes could lapse to a register but a dress and facepaint, prepared to welcome his family’s name again.

Perhaps as a face, Rhodes could start to work his approach behind adult a label and try to get his career behind on a right lane before a finish of 2015. If WWE chooses to keep him in a purpose of a heel, bringing behind a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes gimmick competence be an option. That was arguably a best work of his career.

Rhodes is a gifted Superstar with most of his career still in front of him. WWE needs to commend that and make a adjustments that will reinvigorate him.

Unfortunately, an annoying better to a Hollywood actor will expected take place first.

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