WWE Missed Opportunities: ‘Tough Enough’ Must Be a Success This Time Around

May 9, 2015 - WWE

WWE recently announced that Tough Enough will be creation a lapse following a four-year absence. The new deteriorate will entrance on Jun 23.

With Chris Jericho and Renee Young portion as a hosts of a show, WWE motionless to go offer by adding Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan and Paige as judges. In addition, Billy Gunn, Booker T and Lita will offer as trainers.

That’s utterly a star-studded lineup, though putting a people that it already has in a right place has never been WWE‘s emanate with this series.

Tough Enough is an engaging uncover with a good concept. Viewers will get to watch as a organisation of unknowns attempts to live their dream of apropos a WWE Superstar or Diva.

In a past, a uncover has constructed destiny Superstars such as John Morrison, The Miz, Christopher Nowinski, Nidia, Ryback, Jackie Gayda and Cameron. However, scarcely each one of those names did not win a uncover they were on.

Of a contestants who have won a series, scarcely all of them have been flops. In fact, WWE doesn’t even speak about many of a winners.

One of a biggest issues with WWE is how it acts like certain aspects of a company’s story never took place, and Tough Enough is no different. How mostly do we hear a names Maven, Linda Miles or Daniel Puder mentioned on WWE television? Perhaps you’ve never even listened these names.

But all 3 are former Tough Enough winners.

Maven Huffman was a unequivocally initial winner, and a association gave him as many of a possibility as it presumably could. Remember when he separated The Undertaker from a 2002 Royal Rumble?

But Maven never truly over his potential, and WWE expelled him in Jul 2005. He would after be arrested in Florida after receiving medication drugs from mixed physicians. He went by WWE sponsored reconstruction for assistance with his addiction.

Miles finished as a co-winner on a second deteriorate of Tough Enough and can best be remembered as a manager of The Basham Brothers. He career was unequivocally brief and didn’t volume too many of anything.

Puder won a fourth deteriorate of Tough Enough, a deteriorate that enclosed The Miz and Ryback, though after scarcely violation a arm of Kurt Angle in a foe for a foe on an partial of SmackDown, Puder‘s career was over before it started.

Though WWE would apparently never acknowledge to punishing Puder for his actions, he was never given many of an opportunity. He never competed in a one singles compare in WWE.

However, a biggest disaster from Tough Enough came from a many new book of a series.

Andy Leavine survived a 2011 foe after being selected by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as a winner. But many like Puder, Leavine would never combat in one televised compare for a company.

Perhaps that is because WWE has waited so prolonged to run a array again. But what are some of a other things that have harm this show?

How about a fact that WWE finds people with during slightest some wrestling training? Wouldn’t it be many some-more fun if a contestants unequivocally were unchanging people off a travel who had to literally learn from a belligerent adult how to be a WWE Superstar?

On a many new season, scarcely each competitor had wrestling experience, mostly from their time spent on a eccentric circuit. Some had endless experience. The usually one who didn’t was Rima Fakih, and WWE clearly had her on a uncover to emanate some media exposure.

How about a fact that WWE hands out a agreement to mixed contestants on a show? For fans who have followed a array and are informed with that fact, it takes a lot of a play out of a show.

Still, a biggest problem with a uncover is that zero has ever turn of any of a prior winners. John Morrison would have to be deliberate a biggest success story, though many fans would expected determine that he could have—and substantially should have—had even some-more success.

This time, WWE needs to get it right.

The competitor pool should not be comprised of people who have wrestled for 10 years on a eccentric scene. Instead, a WWE should find a right brew of prospects that fans can describe to.

Being a fan initial should be a must. The contestants on a uncover should have a immeasurable believe of WWE history, not usually some jaunty ability. Having a honour for a association will make them conclude a event that many more.

Remember this?

Sure, it supposing copiousness of laughs, though it was zero brief of embarrassing. She’s now famous as Cameron and still works for a company.

Between carrying a list of former winners who, for a many part, never amounted to many and other contestants who didn’t have a low appreciation for what they were competing for, Tough Enough is unequivocally zero some-more than a tiny footnote in WWE story during this point.

That’s what creates it a missed opportunity.

When a array started, WWE wanted to gain on a existence radio phenomenon. That’s all unequivocally hackneyed now.

This time, a association needs to make it not usually something fans feel like they contingency watch though also a uncover that helps build a destiny of a company. If it can do that, maybe fans won’t have to wait another 4 years—or longer—to see a subsequent one.

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