WWE Mock Draft: Rollins a No. 1 pick

July 16, 2016 - WWE

The WWE is holding a code into a new direction. Actually, dual directions. On a initial live Smackdown on Tuesday, a register will be separate in two, formulating a new energetic and endless opportunities for superstars on a roster. Ahead of a breeze on a Cheap Heat Podcast, Peter Rosenberg and Brian Campbell took partial in a 10-round ridicule breeze to offer a demeanour during how a breeze competence go down.

ROUND 1 (Pick No. 1 overall) – Seth Rollins (Campbell)

Campbell’s take: It’s a no-brainer. He was a usually one in a association who is a no-brainer during No. 1. You couldn’t make an evidence opposite him since he’s a many well-rounded superstar, right now, during a rise of his prime. we don’t even consider they have begun to find out how good he will be when he eventually turns babyface down a road.

Rosenberg’s take: He’s a [Randy] Savage of today. He can do each singular thing that we need him to do.

ROUND 1 (Pick No. 2) – Charlotte (Rosenberg)

Rosenberg’s take: Speaking from a viewpoint of my show, a plan and a proceed that we proceed a business, might not be a same as you. We know relocating brazen in a new epoch of WWE, we trust that in carrying Charlotte, not usually do we get a prestigious women’s title, we also have someone who we know can have good feuds with each other lady on a roster.

Campbell’s take: That’s a reach.

ROUND 2 (Pick No. 3) – A.J. Styles (Campbell)

Campbell’s take: At this second, he’s handling as a best workman in a company. He has proven he can be a heel on this turn and on this platform. But as a babyface, he’s also incredible. With Rollins and Styles, we’re going to have some critical five-star compare intensity down a road. And sell a lot of gloves and hats.

ROUND 2 (Pick No. 4) – The New Day (Rosenberg)

Rosenberg’s take: It’s meditative about what we get. It’s meditative about a tab team, and meditative about who we get down a highway in particular superstars as well.

Campbell’s take: Ratings wise, we are removing someone who can lift a 15-20 notation comedic segment. And we get long-term Big-E dermatitis star intensity as well.

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  • ROUND 3 (Pick No. 5) – Sasha Banks (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: She’s honourable in this mark — though doubt — though this was a bit conservative to Charlotte. we couldn’t let we have both Charlotte and Sasha. They are starting to rewrite her as a babyface, though a nasty face who doesn’t have friends and acts like a heel. She is going to lift a women’s multiplication to a subsequent level.

    ROUND 3 (Pick No. 6) – Dean Ambrose (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: I’m not a Dean man though we watch what a fans want. This is a uncover of champions. We have a women’s champion, we have a WWE universe heavyweight champion.

    ROUND 4 (Pick No. 7) – Roman Reigns (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: It was going to be engaging to me to see where he went. we could see him going as high as No. 2 or we could see him unequivocally slipping. He didn’t indispensably fit ideally into my uncover though a talent is too vast to let him go. What we schooled from his extraordinary dual matches with A.J. Styles, there is no doubt about a work he can do on a top level. We haven’t even tapped into what he’s able of impression correct as a heel.

    ROUND 4 (Pick No. 8) – Kevin Owens (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: What is there to say? He’s arguably a many gifted man in a company. You wish to speak about some feuds down a road? You wish to speak about Big E and Kevin Owens? His matches are as good as anyone there is in a company.

    Campbell’s take: I’m hostile of that pick. In hindsight, we should have taken him over Reigns.

    ROUND 5 (Pick No. 9) – Shinsuke Nakamura (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: The “King of Strong Style!” We’re about a destiny and there’s no one with a bigger destiny right now, and if we’re looking during anyone in NXT who can cranky over to a categorical brand, we know that Nakamura, above all, has a glamour to do vital things in this company. He’s a wild-card collect now. This was a right time to collect him.

    Rosenberg’s take: How can we not like him? There’s no doubt about what that man is able of.

    ROUND 5 (Pick No. 10) – Brock Lesnar (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: I’ll take Brock Lesnar however we can get him, meaningful that he’ll expected be a part-timer. You wish to see Brock Lesnar contra Kevin Owens down a road? we commend it’s part-time Brock though there’s a reason he’s removing a opportunities that he’s getting. It’s not since he doesn’t get eyeballs. You can call this one a risk though when he appears, it’s going to be a moment.

    ROUND 6 (Pick No. 11) – Bray Wyatt (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: He’s creation clarity in his promos and he’s as frightful as ever. Right now, he’s about to find out how good he can be. This is a take for me. Bray Wyatt is going to do large things. He has extensive babyface intensity and he’s going to be a arch protagonist opposite A.J. Styles down a road.

    ROUND 6 (Pick No. 12) – Enzo Amore and Big Cass (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: we get a good tab group to play along with The New Day and No. 2, we have no suspicion what a roof is for Enzo and Cass. The sky is a extent with Enzo. And afterwards there’s Cass. He’s 7-feet tall, and we can’t learn that.

    ROUND 7 (Pick No. 13) – John Cena (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: Cena could’ve been comparison many higher. My register has some workers and a lot of destiny here, though we need to move those eyeballs in and have somebody who is going to work that mic and cranky over. The proceed that John Cena is going to enrich a guys of a destiny on my register is incredible.

    Rosenberg’s take: we deliberate Cena for each pick.

    ROUND 7 (Pick No. 14) – Rusev (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: we adore this collect in this spot. we unequivocally trust that, week to week, a work this man does is as good or improved than anyone in a company. So many intensity that hasn’t been shown yet. And we get Lana, too.

    ROUND 8 (Pick No. 15) – Finn Balor (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: I’m a tiny disturbed about his distance and either his opening will get over on a large stage. But with Finn and Styles in a same stable, we’re going to do some things.

    Rosenberg’s take: It seems like Finn’s best time to get changed adult from NXT might have already passed. There are still doubt outlines around Finn though as distant as his talent level, we adore him as a pick.

    ROUND 8 (Pick No. 16) – Randy Orton (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: This is a man who still has a few good years left. Let’s not forget, in his many new run or two, he has been a many over he has ever been. we adore removing him during this indicate in his career. we consider a final run for him is going to be really, unequivocally fun.

    Campbell’s take: When we supplement Orton into any situation, it adds a lot of name and star power.

    ROUND 9 (Pick No. 17) – The Miz (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: Rosenberg forced my hand. we do need that comedic element. we need someone who can talk. And we need some Maryse on my show. we never suspicion one year ago that The Miz could be a top-10 collect though a man is back.

    ROUND 9 (Pick No. 18) – Bayley (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: There are other women on a house that seductiveness me, though this uncover is about a future. we would adore to see what Bayley has. There are things about her gimmick that we still don’t love, though there’s something about her. The “Little Engine That Could” vibe that she puts out, we consider there’s intensity for her to be a good babyface. we already have a best womanlike heel lady in a association in Charlotte. we wanted to have a multiplication that people could unequivocally get vehement about.

    Campbell’s take: Of all a NXT stars who we doubt either their gimmick in a 400-seat NXT locus can get over a same on a large stage, she’s my No. 1 question. As many as she can work and we hearten for her involuntarily — that is a hint of her impression — we still consider there’s a reason since she hasn’t been called adult yet.

    ROUND 10 (Pick No. 19) – American Alpha (Campbell)

    Campbell’s take: we put myself in a tough mark since Rosenberg jumped out there and grabbed a New Day and Enzo and Cass. I’m holding a group that has impassioned babyface intensity and we do consider their gimmick will get over.

    ROUND 10 (Pick No. 20) – Cesaro (Rosenberg)

    Rosenberg’s take: You only wish to supplement someone who can true adult work and has not reached his intensity yet. There’s a lot on a register for Cesaro to fit in.

    Analysis on a initial 10 picks

    Campbell (Rollins, Styles, Banks, Reigns, Nakamura, Wyatt, Cena, Balor, The Miz and American Alpha): While entrance divided with a offset register is a idea of any draft, we eventually gaunt on one or dual strengths. For me, anticipating a multiple of clever in-ring work and superstars with a styles and looks that are some-more deputy of where a WWE is headed (as against to where it has been) was paramount. In Rollins, Styles and Reigns, a intensity for classical matches is unavoidable. But a further of singular furious cards like Nakamura and Balor, and a intensity of how they will brew with determined stars like Cena and Wyatt was too appealing to pass up. we might have sacrificed a ratings spike adult front by selecting seasoned workers over comedic talkers, though it’s a unequaled in-ring product that will give this uncover a temperament as a names of a destiny continue to evolve.

    Rosenberg (Charlotte, The New Day, Ambrose, Owens, Lesnar, Enzo and Cass, Rusev, Orton, Bayley and Cesaro): Monday Night Rosenberg is a uncover of champions, and not only since we exaggerate all 3 vital champions. It is a uncover of champions since of a peculiarity and farrago of talent that we have. We have a best mic work in a association (The New Day). We have a best in ring work in a association (Kevin Owens and Cesaro). We have veterans (Orton) and extraordinary women (Bayley and Charlotte). And we have a dual best tab teams in a company. We have a ideal brew of NXT and WWE bred talent. And did we discuss we have the biggest pull in a business in Brock Lesnar?

    Who would we have drafted next?

    Campbell: Alberto Del Rio. He returned to a WWE in exquisite figure and has looked improved than ever as an underrated in-ring technician. He connects with a Hispanic fan bottom and knows how to get over as a nasty heel. All Del Rio needs is a pull that is deputy of his talent, with some-more courtesy to fact in his storylines.

    Rosenberg: There were several people we would have desired to have drafted. The names that kept jumping out to me, though we never pulled a trigger on, were Samoa Joe and Nikki Bella. The Joe collect would be apparent for any wrestling fan. He is arguably a best wrestler of a past decade who has not nonetheless been on a categorical roster. There is so many to do with him. Nikki is a delicious collect since we am so extraordinary about how she will brew in with a NXT girls and we consider her and Charlotte have some intensity gold. we have prolonged confirmed that she is a best earthy matchup for a women’s champion.

    Superstar we wanted most

    Campbell: Shinsuke Nakamura. In new years, there hasn’t been another NXT luminary who I’ve been some-more intrigued about to see only how good his singular reduction of talent and celebrity resonates on a categorical brand. No one else in a universe has his accurate charisma. But removing over to a accurate turn of your intensity is never automatic. Considering Nakamura’s character and ability set are so opposite from a standard WWE mold, examination him try will be interesting.

    Rosenberg: Seth Rollins was a really transparent series one pick. He is a Macho Man of this roster. No he’s not as good as Savage yet, though he can do it all! In-ring, a mic, heel, baby (well that’s a one question), and he can work large or small. He’s a cornerstone piece. Unfortunately Brian Campbell knew that, too.

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