Turd Ferguson—no relation). Adam Rose and Fandango are sadly stranded in these animation gimmicks, yet anyone who has seem them as Leo Kruger and Johnny “Dirty Curty” Curtis, respectively, know they are dual wrestlers who unequivocally deserves more, generally if it means gripping these gimmicks. Watching an partial of RAW where all is so fast (at least, that’s a sense it gives off, even when pre-recorded) thrown together, it’s not usually unsatisfactory given a fans merit more; it’s unsatisfactory given a register deserves more. More to uncover off given they are a best during what they do. More to uncover off given we should adore or hatred them. Wrestling’s a opening art, and usually like any other art, when it’s usually thrown together, we can tell. Just like we can also tell when talent is being hindered, and that’s one of a many frustrating things about WWE. You can always tell.

For example, dual of a many artistic and diversion for anything guys in WWE, by my estimation, are The Miz and Damien Mizdow. The Miz/Damien Mizdow is a storyline that becomes some-more and some-more a box of abating returns, generally as WWE Creative takes over what was so clearly a labor of adore between a dual competitors early on. Now, Mizdow is a stereotypical WWE face—who loves to have fun, that is given kissing a lady opposite her will creates them boyfriend/girlfriend… many expected until he remembers faces can’t have girlfriends—with his combined brag function being in a form of hidden another man’s gimmick and being incompetent to pierce on and forward.

In a justification of “he isn’t over, [such and such] is over,” Mizdow is unequivocally many in that boat.

This has been brought adult before, yet a longer that WWE draws out Mizdow cribbing off Miz’s gimmick and life, a some-more apparent it becomes that they themselves don’t have faith in Sandow’s ability to float (he can’t swim, remember?) after he moves past Miz. Both Sandow’s story and The Miz’s story indeed behind that up. In fact, it’s fascinating to consider about how, in all of his tab organisation efforts, Miz always ends adult being a Shawn Michaels to his partner’s Marty Jannetty status. What is Damien Sandow yet this character, other than a fun again? He can’t be a egghead savior of a masses, given WWE babyfaces consider comprehension is for losers. If he goes behind to a gimmick of a week, that is back-tracking. He can’t be The Miz, given The Miz is literally Mike Mizanin, and there is Real World justification to behind it up. No one’s seeking a pre-recorded Monday Night RAW in England to answer these questions, yet a instruction in that it takes a storyline can’t assistance yet continue to lead to them.

The problem with carrying a loyal filler RAW and also perplexing to allege or change things adult (especially with a pay-per-view in dual weeks) is that it all comes opposite as a matter of WWE settling on perplexing to figure out where to go subsequent once they get behind home and get behind to their frequently scheduled, live chaos. While Naomi’s heel spin in this RAW is surprisingly effective (though doubt a logistics of a heel spin being formed on finally holding your pursuit severely are for another time), that’s not a usually spin in this episode. Fandango has strictly left from vaguely fun heel jobber to… totally fun heel babyface. Here’s a thing we might not comprehend about Fandango: Fandango is not a good dancer. All he does is gyrate, and that still feels like a Dirty Curty thing. But he commits adequate to a bit that it’s fine, notwithstanding uncomfortable. Having his face spin make him do a foolish finger indicate dance of Fandangoing (a judgment that was innate in a UK and is not inherently awful, yet that finger indicate is, well, stupid) betrays a unequivocally suspicion of him being a “good” dancer. He also dumps his girlfriend, given a initial order of apropos a face is to dump any friends or adore interest. This simply opens Fandango adult to even some-more matches opposite Adam Rose, that he’s already been doing on Main Event and Superstars (as face and with Rosa) for months. It’s a spin for turn’s sake, that is even worse than wrestling for wrestling’s sake. It’s nonsense.

Somewhere in a center of a nonsense spectrum of this partial of RAW is a John Cena stuff. Cena indeed opens RAW with a pretension match, and a some-more plain work he puts in with these challenges—while a categorical eventuality is a disaster of “Best For Business” banter—the some-more it roughly feels like a punishment (instead of a reward) for Cena being out of a categorical event. Yes, that’s some-more of a swindling speculation conditions and not unequivocally critical conjecture, yet consider about it for a second when we get a chance.

To no one’s surprise, Bad News Barrett contra Cena is a solid, tough fought compare for both men, and a London throng is positively prohibited for Barrett. Honestly, if we didn’t know any better, we would consider Barrett is a legitimate superhero in England. I’ve left on a record observant this many times, yet we have positively no suspicion what WWE sees when they demeanour during Wade “Bad News” Barrett. Because in my eyes, he ticks off any box in a checklist of what it means to be a tip WWE Superstar, from looks, to “the look,” to vocalization ability, to wrestling ability, to tie with a Universe. The fact that he’s never once hold even a now gone World Heavyweight Championship positively baffles me. Having him go opposite Cena usually brought behind my Nexus-related PTSD (which comes in waves), as Cena infamously went out of his proceed to fundamentally kill that organisation and Wade’s feverishness in a initial place. That’s maybe a biggest problem with Cena’s impression and one that could presumably finish adult being a problem in these open challenges: Legitimately being put over by him is rare, so once we remove to him (especially again and again), you’re fundamentally done.

If Rusev surprisingly wins a belt behind during Extreme Rules, it reinforces a suspicion that Cena will usually put someone over when it doesn’t matter and no one is watching. But it also eliminates a open challenges, that are one of a best tools of a module during this point. So proof dictates Cena maintaining during Extreme Rules to keep a open hurdles hoing, yet a detriment for Rusev again brings a doubt of where does he go from here. Where does a beast heel who’s no longer a beast go? Will even Jack Swagger finally be means to kick him? Is his power of apprehension over? This is a worry we brought adult during WrestleMania and a formulation (or miss thereof) for a destiny of a company,** and it’s a worry that will substantially follow Cena in his feuds for a rest of his career, even if he’s out of a categorical event.

But during slightest he is out of a categorical event, that is now dedicated to Kane’s inner onslaught and lamely-titled end-of-the-night segments.

Stray observations:

  • Thanks to Kyle Fowle for covering final week’s RAW for me. we totally forgot all that happened final week going into examination this week’s RAW, so it’s substantially for a best we didn’t cover it.
  • *Writing this up, we legitimately forgot about a Lucha Dragons/Ascension match. Considering a London throng sat on their hands for it, solely for when it came to a brief “NXT” chant, we can trust they did too.
  • **By a way, lift your palm if we truly caring who Bray Wyatt is perplexing to call out. He’s job himself “The New Face Of Fear” when he mislaid a match, and people are bringing behind a “WHAT?” chants to his promos. It’s somewhat embarrassing.***
  • ***Speaking of, Roman Reigns articulate about how he roughly kick Brock Lesnar is indeed a homogeneous of a Triple H “almost kick Undertaker” shred of Max Landis’ Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling. This RAW was overtly a many gentle he’s come opposite on a mic given he called Renee Young “baby girl,” yet oh Roman. “Almost won” isn’t a same as winning. At slightest he’s not job himself The Beast.
  • I don’t follow a ratings, yet we suppose that if they get unequivocally bad, a mud sheets will speak about how government is dissapoint with Rollins for not being means to lift a product, notwithstanding a albatrosses he has to work with in a Authority.
  • The one thing we arrange of like about a Kane/Authority storyline is a suspicion that Kane legitimately became Corporate Kane given he believed in a beliefs of “Best For Business.” He didn’t pointer adult to babysit Draco Malfoy. The other small hold we enjoyed this week was John Cena’s shiner being called out as partial of a wear and rip of this open plea business. we wish this to wear him down until someone finally takes a belt from him. we also wish that someone to be Finn Balor.
  • I do apologize to all of we Brits who watch these episodes of RAW and consternation if WWE knows that we guys eat some-more than fish and chips. Just remember: JBL fought Godzilla when WWE was in Japan. It could be a lot worse.
  • JBL is presumably a heel commentator, yet a volume of vitriol he spews during Bad News Barrett for being a hometown favourite usually creates him come opposite as a many upsetting chairman on an already upsetting explanation organisation (which sadly was behind together this week). When he gets like that, it indeed reminds me of heel Michael Cole…
  • At a time, we vaguely remember praising Michael Cole’s purpose as heel, yet if you’re dauntless adequate rewatch anything from that time period, do it. He dumps on everything and is awful. It’s during a misfortune in strange NXT deteriorate 3 (though he’s bad in any season), a Divas season. Naomi indeed mentions that deteriorate on this RAW. You’ll see a lot of regard for his explanation on that disaster of a season—and deliberation a volume of “Not Ready For Primetime” Divas on that season, it is a mess—but his explanation was so dismissive and misogynist, even toward someone as apparently gifted as AJ. The singular difference was his call of The Octopus, in a compare that was so good he couldn’t keep in character.
  • Booker T’s warn over Barrett kicking out of a AA doesn’t unequivocally work when people have been kicking out of a AA for a month now.
  • I done this fun on Twitter, yet I’m not ashamed to make it again: Why would Rusev wish a Russian sequence match? Cena—as partial of his doctorate—studied bondage intensively. He named his squad after them.