WWE Monday Night Raw formula and observations (02/02/15)

February 3, 2015 - WWE

From a pristine compare peculiarity standpoint, a many new part of Monday Night Raw was one of a best installments in utterly some time.

Not all of a stories that were told during a march of a 3 hours were anything to write home about, though a categorical eventuality stage really has a lot of amour surrounding it.

Before we excavate any deeper, let’s run by a full compare formula from a Pepsi Center in Denver:

– Big Show def. Roman Reigns

– The Ascension def. Goldust Stardust

– Ryback def. Luke Harper

– Cesaro def. Jimmy Uso

– Bray Wyatt def. Dolph Ziggler

– Paige def. Alicia Fox

– Sin Cara def. The Miz

– Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins

With that out of a way, let’s dive into my highlights and observations:

Daniel Bryan is behind in a pretension picture

In what looks like to be a conservative decision, Daniel Bryan will strive for a possibility to plea Brock Lesnar for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship by trait of his feat over Seth Rollins Monday.

The usually thing station in his approach from his second true WrestleMania categorical eventuality is a 2015 Royal Rumble leader Roman Reigns. The dual will block off for a right to face Lesnar during Fastlane.

With a preference to go in this direction, a WWE has finished a series of things. First and foremost, a association finished a right preference by involving Bryan in a pretension design in some way. The WWE could have finished this whole routine easy, though we theory it’s never too late to make adult for a miscalculation.

What a WWE also has finished was amalgamate a Royal Rumble for a second uninterrupted year, that has combined a really clunky conditions surrounding a tip title.

Although this creates amour that substantially wouldn’t exist differently for Fastlane, it usually creates it seem like a WWE doesn’t know how to tell a clean, well-thought-out narrative. Instead, it’s drifting by a chair of a pants.

Like we pronounced earlier, a WWE could have a elementary nonetheless effective story with Bryan winning a Royal Rumble and severe Lesnar for a pretension he never lost. Instead, we have this, where Reigns arrange of gets a short-end of a hang notwithstanding winning a Royal Rumble.

The WWE has a lot to well-spoken over in a entrance weeks until Fastlane, generally how it is going to hoop a energetic between Bryan and Reigns.

Roman Reigns looks cold once again

Thanks goodness! Thank integrity a WWE didn’t have Roman Reigns cut some arrange of hothouse rhyme this week.

Despite a head-scratching detriment to Big Show, Reigns finished a uncover looking improved than he did entrance in. He showed power and even displayed some heel traits during his brief review with Daniel Bryan.

Not to mention, his stalk to Big Show looked awesome. we still consider a WWE could do him some-more favors, generally with his impression development, though we suspicion Monday was really a step in a right instruction and I’m meddlesome in saying where Reigns’ impression goes from here.

Great matches showcased

Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins put on a pay-per-view-quality compare during a categorical eventuality of this show, though it wasn’t a usually good compare on a label Monday.

That’s since there were dual others that kept my courtesy from start to finish. Let’s start with Bray Wyatt contra Dolph Ziggler, that incited out to be a extensive back-and-forth match.

I know some people might not be happy with a fact Ziggler mislaid in a center of a ring again, though it didn’t come until after he put on a good opening with Wyatt, who hold his possess in there as well.

One compare that astounded me was Ryback going adult opposite Luke Harper. Harper and Ryback (mostly Harper) showcased some-more athleticism than we positively approaching during a compare between dual bohemoths like these two.

I consider both are good in their possess rights, though even we was taken aback by how good this compare was.

The Miz fires Mizdow as attempt double

In a really anti-climactic manner, The Miz dismissed Damien Mizdow as his stunt, assigning him to a new position of personal assistant. we theory a personal partner angle worked out so good for a Bella Twins a WWE figured since not do it again?

As we mentioned, we suspicion some-more could have come out of Mizdow being relieved of his attempt double duties. All we got was a backstage shred with The Miz yelling during Mizdow.

Mizdow didn’t even quarrel behind either. He usually kept attempting to impersonate The Miz. Although what we got was kind of funny, we suspicion some-more could have been out into that sold occurrence.

Dean Ambrose challenged Bad News Barrett

It was good to see that someone indeed wants to be WWE Intercontinental Champion, as Dean Ambrose challenged Bad News Barrett to a compare for a title.

Or maybe Ambrose is crazy adequate to wish a pretension a WWE puts really small seductiveness in. However, we do consider a cold for someone to indeed wish a pretension and demonstrate that during a promo.

Goldust calls Stardust Cody

After nonetheless another loss, Goldust attempted to speak to Stardust to plead what happened.

Since Stardust was ignoring him, Goldust opted to call Stardust by his genuine name, Cody. Stardust’s greeting was flattering funny, though really bizarre.

First, he told Goldust to never call him Cody and afterwards he hissed during him like a cat and walked away. we severely don’t know how Cody Rhodes can do this gimmick with a true face. I’d be shouting all of a time.

What we do know is that it looks like we’re going down a trail of a separate between Stardust and Goldust and hopefully a lapse to usually good aged Cody Rhodes.

I consider Cody Rhodes is really gifted adequate to be a star being usually as he is, though a WWE motionless to put him in this suit. I’m not so certain what it’s finished for him besides make me wish to Cody Rhodes return.

Maybe that was a devise all along.

Bellas paint Paige black

I still don’t know what a WWE was meditative here. Let’s paint someone black during Black History Month since they’re too pale.

First off, a whole creation fun of someone since they’re dark is really sophomoric and should be underneath a WWE.

It reminds of me of an after-school special. It creates a divas demeanour stupid as well. we don’t see how Paige or a Bellas advantage from feuding over something like this.

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