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June 18, 2017 - WWE

Three titles will be shielded on Sunday during WWE Money in a Bank, though nothing of those matches are a headliners on a brief label that will be contested live in St. Louis. Instead, a dual MITB ladder matches — any of that will yield a leader with a guaranteed championship agreement in a briefcase — will be a stars of a show.

It is a initial ever women’s MITB ladder compare that is of sold seductiveness as there will be dual briefcases floating around a SmackDown Live locker room in a nearby destiny — unless one is used right divided Sunday night. There is no doubt that Money in a Bank will drastically figure a destiny of a SmackDown brand, and CBS Sports will be covering it live on Sunday.

It all goes down live commencement during 8 p.m. ET. The kickoff show, that does not currently have any matches scheduled, starts an hour progressing during 7 p.m.

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WWE Money in a Bank predictions

The Hype Bros vs. The Colons (Kickoff Show)

AS: There’s going to be a lot of speak about branch Zack Ryder heel after a Hype Bros reunited on SmackDown. That might occur — usually not tonight. Most likely, it will occur after these dual get a tab group pretension compare they are due and remove to The Usos or whoever is holding a titles during that time. we could really see a Colons going over here though that’s not how we wish to start a large show. Pick: The Hype Bros win

BC: The Colons’ rebranding hasn’t altered their encouragement reality. Considering a Hype Bros were one win divided from a SmackDown tab group titles before Zack Ryder’s injury, demeanour for them to collect adult where they left off in this reunion. Pick: The Hype Bros win

Women’s Championship — Naomi (c) vs. Lana

BC: Lana’s relaunch as an in-ring aspirant will approaching usually have one shot to win us over. Can she come off as a plausible wrestler notwithstanding usually one career compare (a forgettable eight-woman tab group compare on a WrestleMania 32 pre-show)? The entrance of her finishing pierce on Tuesday was good handled, though she’ll have an ascending conflict to stand on Sunday. This feels distant too rushed as a artistic stay-busy module for Naomi while she waits for a MITB leader to emerge. Pick: Naomi retains a title

AS: We’re going to see a women’s pretension change hands on Sunday night, though it won’t be Lana violence Naomi. More on that later. Lana astounded me with a finisher she debuted on SmackDown, though there’s no denote she will be means to demeanour legitimate in a compare of any length opposite an gifted in-ring aspirant like Naomi. Ultimately, I’m blissful Naomi was not left off a card, though Lana does not “deserve” this compare possibly in kayfabe or genuine life. Pick: Naomi retains a title

Tag Team Championship — The Usos (c) vs. The New Day

AS: It’s not paranoia. The Usos are a best tab group in WWE right now, and it’s overtly not even close. Allowing them to entirely buy into their heel spin has given a brothers a second life, and they are so most improved in those roles than they were as faces. The New Day is over possibly they’re champions or not, and with so many tab teams on SmackDown, there are copiousness of rivalries they can have until they eventually win a titles, maybe during SummerSlam. Pick: The Usos keep a titles

BC: Expect this compare to take a uncover as The New Day creates their SmackDown PPV entrance opposite a rebranded and rejuvenated Usos, who are excelling as heels. Considering a in-ring sorcery incited in by The Usos and American Alpha in a span of pretension bouts streamer into WrestleMania, there’s no reason to trust this one will be any different. In a end, it will infer improved longterm for a babyfaces to continue a chase. Pick: The Usos keep a titles

WWE Championship — Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton

BC: It’s simply too early deliberation a time and appetite WWE has invested in creation Mahal a plausible categorical eventuality hazard to see him remove a pretension on Sunday. Orton doesn’t need another pretension reign, and Mahal’s value will plunge now though a strap. But how they confederate Orton’s father, “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr., into a storyline (he’ll be seated during ringside) should finish adult judging possibly this compare will be an interesting success. Mahal will usually be effective prolonged tenure if he’s requisitioned as a some-more inhuman heel. This is his eventuality to be that. Pick: Mahal retains a title

AS: For all a reasons Brian laid out, it does not make any clarity to take a tag off Mahal. The law is that Mahal still has a prolonged approach to go: He’s below-average in a ring and average-at-best on a mic. Regardless, WWE wants a pretension on him, and we do legitimately consider an extended argument with John Cena is in Mahal’s future. WWE did a good pursuit creation one trust that Orton could win a championship behind in his hometown with his family during ringside, though eventually it will usually supplement to Mahal’s heat. Pick: Mahal retains a title

Women’s Money in a Bank Ladder Match — Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Tamina Snuka

AS: Do not be astounded if this compare opens a uncover with a women’s championship being shielded in a penultimate hitch before to a men’s ladder match. Why? Because a leader is going to money in on Sunday night. While Brian believes that means a face of a women’s multiplication will win, we consider it will be a heel that takes advantage of Naomi after in a show. That narrows my prophecy down to Natalya or Carmella, and possibly is a legitimate option. On a podcast, we took Carmella, so I’m going to separate a disproportion and go a other direciton, that would emanate a good adversary to bide some time until Flair goes for a pretension during SummerSlam. Pick: Natalya wins

BC: The genuine amour in this one will be to see possibly a 5 gifted women can have a compare equal to a group in terms of fad and physicality. If their kickoff fight a few weeks ago was any indication, there’s no reason to trust they can’t. Considering a ancestral inlet of this initial match, demeanour for Flair to take home a agreement and don’t be astounded if she cashes it in after in a night opposite Naomi. Pick: Flair wins

We would be lingering to not discuss that former WWE “diva” Maria Kanellis is reportedly in St. Louis along with her husband, Mike Bennett. Both formerly worked for Ring of Honor, spent 2016-17 in TNA and have presumably sealed with WWE. Many approaching them to start in NXT, though it is now believed they will entrance Sunday or Tuesday on SmackDown Live.

Men’s Money in a Bank Ladder Match — AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

BC: There’s adequate star energy and standout in-ring ability in this one for it to be an present classical and compare of a year contender. There’s no reason to design anything less. But as for who comes out with a briefcase, give me a veteran, who will use a column to assistance reestablish himself as an chosen performer over a subsequent few months. His heel spin has worked and now it’s time to give him something critical to do. Pick: Ziggler wins

AS: Brian nailed this pick. Most consider Styles or Corbin will breeze adult winning this compare not realizing that Ziggler is primed for a push. He has a new purify win over Styles and was given a spotlight as Nakamura’s initial competition on a categorical roster. Ziggler did a pursuit to finish that feud, though he put over Nakamura and fundamentally promoted that compare on his own. Sacrifice is not always rewarded by WWE, utterly when Ziggler is a one sacrificing, though this time is different. He will turn a second two-time MITB briefcase leader (CM Punk). Pick: Ziggler wins

Similar to a women’s match, there’s an outward possibility for a warn lapse here in a MITB categorical event. Rusev has been off TV for utterly some time both recuperating from injuries and watchful for WWE to emanate a storyline for him. He could also uncover adult Sunday or on Tuesday’s TV show.

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