WWE ‘Money in a Bank’: Kevin Owens Isn’t Here to Make Friends

June 16, 2015 - WWE

It was usually another manic Sunday for WWE, as a fruitful seeds were planted for growing during Battleground in 5 weeks, championships altered hands and a late wrestling icon got his crowd of tributes.

But a genuine headline, as has been a box with any televised uncover for a month, is this implausible in-ring chemistry between Kevin Owens and John Cena, who’ve developed in tandem together to move a best out of any other. Although we also schooled who’s subsequent on Bray Wyatt’s capricious chopping list, witnessed a maestro tab group during slightest reason a straps and found out that male is in line to join Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and a other large boys during a tip of a title-contention heap.

So though serve fumbling over my difference like it were a revealing offshoot atop a rootless ladder, here are a 5 pivotal things we took divided (in further to a common accompaniment of Twitter-friendly sidebar fodder) from 2015’s book of Money in a Bank.

5. What’s Randy Staring At?
The usually thing dangling some-more precariously during that opening ladder compare than a available briefcase was a disbelief. The series of, “Boy, he certain is climbing those rungs deliberately” and, “Man, that thing is annoying to unhook” scenarios distant outnumbered a sum of decent spots, heading to a ho-hum strife that we can during slightest confidently assume didn’t put too many guys out of action. But of all a head-scratchers, Randy Orton kneeling underneath a ladder and salivating during his esteem rather than bounding for it was many preposterous. What was he watchful for, we wonder? A pointer from God? A bit of gastrointestinal annoy to pass? Or, some-more likely, Neville to finally get adult on a apron and leapfrog over his conduct and onto a steel appliance like they’d planned. Said bit was emblematic of how a event’s suggested collision played out as a whole: exuberant though a bit discombobulated. And distant be it for me to advise that had anything to do with MITB‘s shortened two-week run-up.

4. Sheamus Seems About Right
Of a 7 competitors opposed for a aforementioned briefcase and a complementary, guaranteed pretension shot, Sheamus stood out as a many essential to mount stall. He returned from damage with a full force of an apparent heel pull during his back, though of late had suffered a fibre of annoying losses, many particularly to Ryback for a Intercontinental belt during Elimination Chamber. But a Great White isn’t a form to simply get buried. Odds were, final night was a time for his loyal resurrection. Granted, as we’ve seen with a likes of Damien Sandow, snagging that changed agreement doth not pre-determine a preferred result, though for Sheamus, it during slightest assures his arise behind to a Heavyweight ranks. Besides, with everybody from Ryback to Neville representing WWE’s stream center card, a IC stage seems in ideally able hands.

3. The Continuing Reintroduction of Roman Reigns
You unequivocally couldn’t have responded to a fan recoil opposite Reigns’ climb any improved than WWE has since January’s Royal Rumble. Where a Samoan Superman’s solo account was once about destiny and dominance, he’s given been a unduly wronged plant of several saboteurs. The latest to preempt his query for a World Heavyweight Championship? Bray Wyatt, who’s division was a many plausible snag to Reigns rising with briefcase in hand. Plus, Wyatt came to celebration in his excellent Mykelti Williamson-in-Justified murder-smock attire, so we know he meant business. We’ll find out some-more about Bray’s bulletin tonight (my guess: Roman’s had all handed to him though doesn’t know what family and scapegoat is unequivocally all about, blah blah blah). But a genuine story here is Reigns’ delayed and successful reinvention as an underdog.

2. Seth Rollins Hearts Eric Carmen
Forget Justin Bieber. The fans should unequivocally start chanting, “Er-Ic Car-Men” when Seth Rollins takes a mic tonight. After defeating Dean Ambrose in another gummy finish and maintaining his title, a former Shield designer couldn’t stop cheering to a universe how he did it, “All by myself!” And was we a usually one who subsequently couldn’t get former Raspberries frontman (and destiny “Hungry Eyes” crooner) Carmen’s mid-1970s weepie “All By Myself” out of my head? So let’s make it happen, folks: For those of we attending Raw in several hours, ridicule your champion and instil his adolescence by channeling one of cocktail music’s many noted desperate-for-attention delayed jams. As for Ambrose, we’ll merely spend an perpetuity introspective usually how he overcame that cracked patella, several block blows and a mystic ladders-and-chairs funeral to casually redeem and really scarcely waylay feat from his counter atop that ladder. Maybe he’s a Matthew Wilder fan?

1. Yes Owens Yes!
Man, that would have been a critical bummer had Kevin Owens’ supposed John Cena’s sportsmanlike handshake and condescending lifting of a arm, as if theirs was a common victory. KO a beast heel doesn’t wish no handouts or gift from a champ. In fact, he’d fit right in on Raw‘s promote aspirant The Bachelorette, ’cause he didn’t come to a WWE’s categorical register to make friends. Nor does have a domestic bulletin a la Rusev or some kind of marvellous gimmick like associate former NXT champ Neville (sorry, Neville). He’s here to speak shit, behind it adult and finish what he started 15 years ago and gritted out mostly on his possess ever since. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s been impossibly fun to watch. Hopefully, Cena will be sidelined for bit after pang Owens’ sore-loser powerbomb onto a apron, saving their hate compare for SummerSlam and guaranteeing it’s a hottest thing on a card. Because if Brock’s carefree lapse for that critical annual eventuality isn’t even the reason to allow and balance in, WWE’s got a ruin of an Aug rush on a hands.

Below a Belt:

  • What some-more can we say, re: Dusty?
  • Not certain we indispensable to hear from a kickoff row before to a categorical event.
  • Good for PTP.
  • Sometimes, it feels like Michael Cole still thinks they’re going to blurb mid by matches.
  • Speaking of Cole, kayfabe my man!
  • Isn’t chanting “NXT” during a WWE eventuality a bit like chanting “AAA” during an MLB game?
  • Dusty would have enjoyed that Divas finish.
  • And debate is good for a Divas.
  • OK, Miz.
  • KO’s an underrated seller.
  • I can get behind a “altitude era.”
  • Time to plead how a Pop-up Powerbomb is a bit too opponent-abetted?
  • Might be time to go aged propagandize and sequence a matches by importance.
  • Sign of a Night: Busy night on a boards…I wish “Bury Ryder” was ironic. Also, did we review “This Sign Sucks” correctly? And apparently, “Elliott Loves Panties.”
  • Move of a Night: I’m a fool for pointed spots, so no disregard to KO’s spinning sit-up powerbomb, though we didn’t see that Reigns powerbomb on Kofi into a throngs outward coming.

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