WWE Must Rethink Policies Regarding Superstars’ Social Media Accounts

September 2, 2015 - WWE

WWE has to get in front of a subsequent amicable media controversy. 

A clear, active process for a Superstars’ accounts is a new necessity. It’s a critical partial of adapting to a changing world. WWE doesn’t wish a repeat of the Zahra Schreiber story.

The NXT awaiting had nonetheless to entrance on TV. She had usually begun to work residence shows as Solomon Crowe’s sister. Few fans even know who she is. 

That altered when Nazi-themed photos from her Instagram comment surfaced. Just as a conflict from fans began, WWE expelled her. The logic behind a pierce is clear. 

As TMZ reported, WWE dismissed Schreiber “because of pro-Nazi design she posted on her Instagram.”

This was not a startling response, as pro wrestling author Jonathan Fisher remarkable on Twitter:

It was WWE‘s usually viable march of action. In a future, though, a association needs to be some-more proactive. Some of a posts in doubt were from 2012.

Avoiding debate altogether is impossible, yet WWE can cut it down significantly by operative on and strengthening a amicable media policy.


Digging Through a Past

WWE has to be some-more observant about combing by aged posts from a employees. If there is something able of starting a media firestorm, it will eventually emerge.

This is a kind of pursuit to palm to a organisation of interns. Have young, amicable media-savvy folks inspect a online repository of any incoming awaiting and even intensity signees

If something disgusting pops up, WWE can weigh either this is simply a box of someone observant something foolish that needs to be deleted or if there is a potentially bigger emanate with a wrestler. 

Wrestlers themselves can assistance a association out by taking Voices of Wrestling’s advice:

Working on these issues goes over usually cleaning adult messes, though. Part of being a WWE Superstar now involves training how to use amicable media properly.


Social Media 101

Implement a amicable media march for incoming prospects. This is a medicine magnitude that is apropos increasingly required during a accumulation of places.

You can gamble recently drafted football players hear copiousness about a issue.

The NFL hosts a Rookie Symposium any year for a new players. Speakers residence a newbies on a accumulation of issues. Robert Klemko wrote of a eventuality for MMQB, “For a group and women who work a event, this is an bid to improved a lives of a athletes by vouchsafing them know accurately what’s accessible to them, and what’s approaching of them.”

This is a kind of truth WWE should have with a possess rookies.

And a dangers and energy of amicable media have to be pivotal topics. This is a possibility to offer sensitivity training and plead what’s forward for these wrestlers. They will go from being athletes and performers to superheroes to immature children.

Their amicable media accounts will unexpected be bearing into a spotlight, and they need to be ready.


Defining a Boundaries

The WWE Wellness Policy didn’t always exist. Now there is a transparent set of discipline about what substances are criminialized and what happens to a wrestler who takes them. There is no confusion, no gray area.

The same proceed is indispensable for amicable media use. WWE contingency have all destiny contracts embody a minute relapse of what’s excusable and what’s not. That would assistance a association equivocate any lawsuits, should someone credit it of violating a right to giveaway speech.

It might seem stupid to have to spell things out like that, yet it’s improved to overdo it than have to make visualisation calls after argumentative posts make a rounds.

And carrying to pointer a amicable media process agreement will give Superstars some-more reason to postponement when deliberation either to strike “send.”

This process is something that has to perplex a old-school grappler. There was a time when contracts were zero some-more than a handshake and a promise. But those wrestlers existed in a unconditionally opposite world. WWE knows that and has to act accordingly.

Attacking a emanate is pivotal to warding off amicable media controversies before they arrive.

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