WWE Needs Paul Heyman More Regularly on TV Leading Up to Royal Rumble

December 19, 2014 - WWE

Paul Heyman will be heading his beast Brock Lesnar to a third and maybe final showdown opposite John Cena during WWE‘s Royal Rumble event on Sunday, Jan 25. The male famous as The Beast Incarnate will be fortifying his WWE World Heavyweight Championship opposite Cena in a compare that will certainly broach on each level.

But for many fans, a proclamation of a pretension compare was a bit anticlimactic. After all, Lesnar has not been seen on WWE programming in scarcely 4 months and in all that time, fans have grown accustomed to life though him and his championship. In sequence to sell this hitch and to remonstrate a fans it’s value their time, Heyman needs to be used some-more on TV heading adult a Rumble.

When Lesnar initial went over on Cena behind during SummerSlam, it could unequivocally good be that no one unequivocally accepted what would come later. The Beast was so amazingly widespread in that match, so primed and prepared for Cena that a male usually did not mount a chance.

Cena hardly got out of a embankment before being physically decimated.

Nothing that Cena did was effective. His offense was unequivocally minimal and in many ways, he looked some-more like an underneath talent in a squish compare than he did a face of a company. Lesnar came in, broken a champ and took his belt.

Cena didn’t mount a chance.

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For Cena‘s critics, a detriment was a prolonged time coming. The assembly has witnessed Cena overcome each barrier for over 10 years and no matter how many he was beaten down, he always came back. Cena had too many heart and WWE was creation too many income off him for a outcome to ever be any different.

But nonetheless a association had a proven moneymaker in Cena, fans were some-more than a small ill of a trend.

The barbarous evidence opposite Cena‘s seared impression is one that is informed to many. Cena is a good guy, a all-American child that did good and would always do a right thing. He’s honest, he’s infallible and notwithstanding whoever attempted to move him down, he always bounced back.

And many fans hatred him for it.

So when Lesnar came in like a violent animal and annihilated Cena during SummerSlam, it was a acquire change of pace.  Finally, there was a heady sip of realism.  Finally there was a impulse in time when Cena was not invincible. Finally, he looked human.

Even yet Lesnar was tighten to losing a belt to Cena during Night of Champions, a law is that his win fundamentally solidified a indicate that a association was on a opposite path. Cena‘s series was not being called; there would be no championship right now.

And his critics desired each notation of it.

But 4 months after and Lesnar is usually now display his face on WWE programming again. The male wearing a many prestigious championship in a attention has been blank in movement for utterly some time and any movement he had as a new titleholder over Cena is most gone.

In fact, some fans unequivocally don’t caring about him or a pretension during this point.

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That is because Heyman is indispensable so desperately right now. Fans might have gotten their wish when The Beast left Cena for passed 4 months ago though when Lesnar left TV, so too did his advocate. Heyman is regarded by many as one of a tip mic workers of all time and it was his promos that did so many to advantage Lesnar in a initial place.

Heyman is sorcery on a mic and he always has been. Every time he opens his mouth, he takes fans on a tour and notwithstanding how many he’s hated by some, there can be no denying that he deserves honour for his work. 

Heyman usually gets it. He understands how a business works, he recognizes how critical his purpose is and he plays his purpose like no one else. When Heyman speaks, fans listen and there can be no larger enrich than that.

But for a bad blood that is expected simmering among some of a WWE true when it comes to Lesnar, it will take all of Heyman‘s skills to unequivocally sell this match. Heyman contingency be on his diversion and he contingency do all in his energy to make a throng caring about this compare and turn emotionally invested in a outcome.

More importantly, he contingency make fans wish to compensate to see it. And that could infer to be a small bit tougher.

The reason for that is due to a fact that many avenues have already been explored in this rivalry. Fans have seen Lesnar come attack behind to a company, usually to be degraded by Cena during Extreme Rules back in 2012. They saw Lesnar come behind opposite Cena dual years after and totally vanquish him during SummerSlam. Then they saw Seth Rollins meddle during Night of Champions and hurt a ending.

Now Lesnar and Cena are assembly for a fourth time and many are expected wondering what a indicate is.

The usually approach to sell this storyline is by Heyman. Heyman will be a matter for fan seductiveness this time around and for anyone on a blockade about a match, he could unequivocally good change their minds. That is how good he is and many work he’s able of when given a right spots to shine.

But with usually over a month to get ready, Heyman has a lot of work to do. And that means he contingency be on TV some-more frequently heading adult a Rumble. Fans need to be assured this categorical eventuality is value a cost of acknowledgment and a association needs Heyman to be on indicate each time he speaks.

Of course, that is what Heyman does best. If anyone can accomplish this, it’s him. WWE needs Heyman right now and a fact is they need him when it’s over. He’s too good and he’s too interesting to be kept on a shelf anymore.


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