WWE Needs to Keep Rusev Strong Coming out of Feud with John Cena

April 20, 2015 - WWE

Entering his third uninterrupted pay-per-view compare conflicting John Cena, Rusev finds himself in a ethereal position.

WWE spent a past year building Rusev adult to a indicate where he could go toe-to-toe with a biggest star. During a many new part of a PodNasty Wrestling Podcast, we remarkable how we would name Rusev as an early breeze collect if we could build a wrestling promotion. His girl and categorical eventuality knowledge this early in his career make him a intensity star for years to come.

Throughout an interesting feud, Rusev reason his own, though formed on WWE‘s regulation of pay-per-view trilogies, he is impending a finish of his run conflicting Cena.

Now, there is no some-more climbing left to do. For a initial time in his immature career, Rusev runs a risk of being demoted depending on who WWE pairs him with relocating forward. Rusev is on a hill of apropos a tip heel, though all his movement will evaporate if he doesn’t argument with somebody on standard with Cena following their compare during Extreme Rules.

Cena is still in a early stages of his US Championship open challenge—which continues to be prominently featured on Raw. He will expected reason a championship for a while. All signs indicate to Rusev losing to Cena during Extreme Rules, and if this is a case, Rusev needs to be requisitioned with caring entrance off his second uninterrupted detriment to Cena.

If Rusev entered a argument with a midcarder good next Cena‘s status following another loss, fans will start to perspective him as such. Coming out of his argument conflicting Cena, Rusev needs to argument with at least another categorical eventer for repairs control purposes. At most, he needs to kick them.

In a ideal world, Rusev would start to pursue a WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately for Rusev, stream champion Seth Rollins is a heel, that creates for an exclusive feud. This opens a doorway for a intensity Intercontinental Championship win.

While a Intercontinental Championship pales in comparison to a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, champion Daniel Bryan fits a check as a top-tier talent who can keep Rusev relevant.

Bryan’s purpose as a unqualified loser carries with it a blue-collar mentality, that is usually as American as a All-American superhero that Cena portrays.

Rusev and Bryan could have a good fibre of matches personification adult a David vs. Goliath storyline. Provided his health binds up, Bryan is a ideal competition for Rusev. Even if Bryan’s stream health issues persist, Rusev could enter a wide-open Intercontinental Championship multiplication that is though a loyal No. 1 contender.

Bad News Barrett has been reduced to a one-dimensional heel and is a No. 1 contender formed on WWE‘s formulaic rematch proviso rather than merit. Rusev could travel into that multiplication tomorrow, lay explain to a pretension shot and nobody would disagree.

If Cena is going to be a babyface fighting champion with a United States title, Rusev can be a indomitable heel with a Intercontinental Championship.

WWE invested too most in Rusev for him to tumble by a wayside like so many others before him who were in a identical position.

In sequence for him to allege past his stream position, he’ll need to not usually lapse to his winning ways, though do so conflicting peculiarity talent.


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