WWE: New Zealand Travis ‘Kiwi Buzzsaw’ Banks forgetful of WWE excellence after 10 years of grind

June 8, 2018 - WWE

“It would meant everything,” Banks told WWE.com.

“10 years of sacrifice, tough work, dedication, determination, blood, persperate and tears all culminating.”

The tournament, that will tide live on a WWE Network on Jun 17 and 18, is a prolonged approach private from Banks’ initial try into a universe of veteran wrestling.

A decade ago, Banks found a usually wrestling propagandize open in New Zealand during a time in Auckland run by Martin Stirling.

“At a commencement of 2009 we found one in New Zealand,” Banks says.

“It was a smallest, misfortune looking building we could imagine, right by a railway station.”

Soon, Banks found himself mowing lawns and gardening as partial of his training; or during slightest that’s what he thought.

“I suspicion it was a Mr Miyagi, polish on, polish off form programme and we suspicion we would learn a profitable lesson.

“That wasn’t a box (laughs).

“It was a uneasy girl march and what he indispensable was to pointer people adult to a march to get supervision funding.

“The best partial was out a behind there was a railway carriage that he converted into a room so we lived out of that for dual years.

“It was really common beginnings to my wrestling career.”

But Banks was used to tough work and being common given his upbringing in one of a nation’s smallest towns; Bulls.

Banks reputable a tough work his family put in to yield for him though he wanted a career with a bit some-more fad than that of his parents.

“My whole life we have famous that there was something singular about me,” Banks told WWE.com.

“I come from a really tiny town, race of about 5000.

“It’s a tiny village where a lot of people work during a beef works.

“A lot of my family who live there work in those trades as well.

“I looked during that life, and we suspicion as tough workers as they are that life is not for me.

Sports party grabbed me from a really immature age and we knew that’s what we wanted to do.”

The leader of a contest will have a event to contest for a WWE’s UK championship, an event that will some-more than expected lead to a growth agreement with a WWE if Banks is propitious adequate to get that far.

With Aucklander Dakota Kai creation waves in WWE’s growth code NXT and ‘The Kiwi Buzzsaw’s’ London journey on a horizon, New Zealand could be set to invade a wrestling world.


source ⦿ https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2018/06/wwe-new-zealand-travis-switchblade-banks-dreaming-of-wwe-glory-after-10-years-of-grind.html

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