WWE News: AJ Styles Expected To Turn Face Before Wrestlemania 33

November 6, 2016 - WWE

At one time, a suspicion of AJ Styles wrestling inside a WWE ring as The Phenomenal One was a anticipation of many wrestling fans. It seemed that no matter how grand and successful he became outward of WWE, he’d be labeled as a best wrestler that didn’t perform on a best theatre a attention has to offer. A lot of people wanted to know if his success would continue and there were dozens of dream matches they wanted to see.

After months of conjecture about it finally apropos a reality, AJ Styles debuted during a WWE Royal Rumble PPV and has been tremendously successful over his initial year on WWE programming. It is still a surreal sight, though Styles is a stream WWE World Champion as good as a tip heel and performer on SmackDown. He’s finished good work with John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and many others given a code split.

Needless to say, AJ Styles has been as successful as wrestling fans and a WWE Universe had hoped for all those years. There is still so many some-more for him to do in WWE, though his new run of success has been due to branch heel several months behind and using with a “best wrestler in a world” reputation. However, it is now being rumored that AJ Styles might be undergoing some large impression changes before Wrestlemania.

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According to a new report, WWE officials are tossing around a thought of AJ Styles branch face before subsequent year’s Wrestlemania. This might come as a warn given he only incited heel not even 6 months ago and he has been doing unusual work as a tip heel on SmackDown, though Wrestlemania 33 is still a prolonged approach divided from a benefaction day. A lot can occur on WWE programming between now and April.

First and foremost, it is really doubtful that WWE officials will lift a trigger on an AJ Styles face spin until after WWE TLC in early December. He’s been announced as one of a 5 members of Team SmackDown that will face Team Raw in a five-on-five Survivor Series rejecting compare during WWE Survivor Series after on this month. The expectancy is that Styles won’t be fortifying a WWE pretension during a PPV.

However, a proclamation was finished during Talking Smack this week that Styles will urge a WWE Championship opposite Dean Ambrose in a TLC compare during a WWE TLC PPV. Ambrose is still one of a strongest babyfaces in a company, so their argument will expected interpretation before any skeleton for Styles to spin face start on WWE television. In early 2017, John Cena’s lapse could give WWE a immature light for that angle.

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As of this writing, a intensity for Cena vs. Styles to continue once a former earnings to WWE radio is still alive and well. However, WWE’s skeleton for a latter to spin face would open adult a lot some-more options for AJ Styles streamer into his second Wrestlemania. Although a rumors about Shawn Michaels entrance out of retirement don’t seem to be entrance true, there are still many engaging matches for him to combat in 2017.

For example, Randy Orton is one of a tip choices from a WWE Universe to enter into a argument with AJ, and Styles has privately mentioned that The Viper is someone he’d suffer wrestling in a future. But, a new heel spin from Orton with The Wyatt Family would make a argument between them difficult. AJ branch face over a subsequent few months would give both group a event to move another dream compare to life.

AJ Styles has already feuded with and successfully degraded many of a tip faces on SmackDown’s roster, so a change of impression and a face spin could be a subsequent step to concrete him as a tip man for a code in a same approach WWE has recently finished for Seth Rollins on Raw. There is no doubt that Styles could hoop a face spin over a entrance months, though it’ll be adult to WWE if they wish to lift a block early on a good thing.

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