WWE News: AJ Styles Possibly Injured At ‘WWE SmackDown’ Taping On Tuesday Night?

April 13, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles has been murdering it in WWE ever given he arrived during a Royal Rumble PPV behind in January. While he did not win a Rumble, he done a large sense on WWE fans who did not know him. He afterwards went on to have a compare during WrestleMania 32, that was his initial WrestleMania. He mislaid there as well. Now he has a probability to face off with Roman Reigns during WWE Payback for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Clearly, this seems like a year of AJ Styles, as all is going right. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE sees AJ as a unequivocally commercial new star for them. His sell is offered well, and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon likes him as well. Apparently McMahon unequivocally likes his in-ring work and a fact that his merch sells well. Obviously, Styles is now apropos an essential partial of WWE’s roster, generally in a time when stars are heavily needed.

With so many injuries going on, there is a need for guys like Styles to step up, and he positively has. Sadly, it appears that Styles’ career with WWE competence be derailed a bit. It looked to fans like AJ Styles was harm in his compare with Alberto Del Rio during a WWE SmackDown taping on Tuesday night. According to DWN, Del Rio botched a pierce on Styles, and AJ reportedly forsaken him on his head.

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It seemed that AJ was harm a bit, with one source who watched from a throng observant it looked flattering bad from where he was sitting in a eighth row. Losing Styles is never a good thing, though in a WWE World Title program? That simply can't start for him or a WWE right now. That creates it good to see that AJ apparently feels fine after a frightful spot.

Styles would residence a conditions on Twitter when one fan asked him if he was hurt. The fan wanted to see him when WWE headed to Dubai. He would tell a fan…

“I’ll be there prepared to rock!! See we soon.”

While it does not totally boot a probability that Styles could have been harm a bit, apparently it does seem that he is in good spirits after a scare. WWE unequivocally can't means to remove AJ, and there is wish that WWE’s investment in him will compensate off good this year. The suspicion is that Styles is positively a star for a association and he unequivocally good could continue to rise. If he continues to pierce adult and fans respond good to him, there is a shot that Styles could finish adult winning a WWE World Heavyweight Title.

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It was remarkable that WWE SummerSlam skeleton call for Roman Reigns to face off with John Cena for a WWE World Title, though if Styles continues to turn a vital name among a fans, he might unequivocally good be given a WWE World Title by then. He would make story if he did so. AJ Styles would be a usually male in story to have hold a NWA/TNA, TNA, IWGP, and WWE World Heavyweight Championships.

Speculation among fans is that AJ Styles will be given a Money in a Bank briefcase this summer. If this does occur, he unequivocally good could money in before a year is out and win his initial WWE World Title. As of now, zero is in a cards for AJ. However, it has been proven in a past that fan direct does play a large purpose for WWE. If a fans wish a certain chairman to get an opportunity, they are mostly times given only that. We will have to see if WWE gives such a thing to Styles if and when fans direct some-more for him.

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