WWE News: Backstage News On WWE’s Opinion Of AJ Styles, Has It Changed?

June 25, 2016 - WWE

When AJ Styles done his WWE opening during a Royal Rumble compare this year, a WWE Universe immediately got out of their chair and freaked out for a long-time Impact Wrestling legend. He was a King of a Indies and done a name for himself in TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Styles was deliberate a best wrestler to never get a possibility in a WWE. Now, Styles got his possibility and is reaping a rewards that he deserves.

It was after a Royal Rumble when wrestling fans began to contemplate how Vince McMahon and association would see him. He’s a champion and should always be in a categorical event. That’s what Indy bookers see, as good as a infancy of wrestling fans on a planet. However, that’s not always what McMahon sees in wrestlers. This is a male who didn’t know how to use Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre. There are other names on that list, though Styles was a focal indicate of this contention recently.

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He isn’t six-foot-four and doesn’t import 250 pounds. The WWE has historically been a land of a giants and usually a clever survive. There’s a reason because CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and others don’t reason a WWE championship each day of a year. John Cena is a face of a association for a solitary fact that he sells sell and relates to kids. No to discuss he’s good on a microphone, has glamour for days, and can wrestle.

Wrestling fans had good reason to be disturbed about Styles’ position in a company. He mislaid his initial dual vital feuds in a association to Chris Jericho. It culminated in a detriment during WrestleMania. Then, he put over Roman Reigns in their feud. What is a backstage notice of AJ Styles? According to F4WOnline and WrestleZone, a views on AJ Styles in a WWE has changed.

“AJ Styles was creatively approaching to be a mid-level wrestler when he sealed with WWE. However, after a live fan greeting he got during a WWE Royal Rumble, and some-more so during live events, WWE now considers him one of a company’s tip 5 unchanging stars.”

This is good news for Styles and for wrestling fans that followed him around his time in a Indies and TNA Wrestling. His coming on a Stone Cold Podcast could have reliable that. Only large stars seem on a podcast, during slightest a WWE Network editions. Fans didn’t have to demeanour really far, as a WWE has treated Styles like a categorical eventuality man given his opening in January. He’s also responded with professionalism and implausible matches.

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Styles spoke with Mike Jones of DC101 about his opening during a Rumble.

“I remember revelation Triple H, ‘Hey, series 2 sounds flattering good to me!’ Because we would adore to have that opening and he goes, ‘hey, you’re going out series 3.’ Oh, that’s great, that’s cool. And a approach they did it, where Rusev got separated flattering quickly, we had a theatre all to myself. You couldn’t ask for a improved debut.”

It’s transparent that Styles is in a destiny skeleton for a WWE. Will he be a WWE World Heavyweight champion? That stays to be seen. The code separate has an event for Styles to constraint a title. There should be dual vital belts. While Dean Ambrose has one on a brand, Styles could reason a other. He’s a clear claimant to lead one brand. Either way, AJ Styles is in a good graces of a WWE and Vince McMahon is behind him. That might be a most-important thing going for him.

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