WWE News: Does AJ Styles Have The Support Of Vince McMahon, WWE Officials?

April 12, 2016 - WWE

AJ Styles has taken a WWE by charge given debuting during January’s Royal Rumble. Styles, himself, questioned either or not a WWE Universe would even know who he was when he entered a Rumble that night as a third entrant. But a greeting he perceived valid he was a star, and his unquestioned ability inside a ring meant he was here to stay and unfailing to turn a fan-favorite. But did it indispensably meant a main-event pull for a Phenomenal One?

AJ Styles done his name wrestling for other promotions like Ring of Honor, New Japan, and TNA. It’s been obvious for years that Vince McMahon and tip WWE officials cite formulating homegrown stars, molded from their possess designs. Well, Vince and those same officials have had a change of heart recently and are capitalizing on a star that is AJ Styles. According to a news from Daily Wrestling News, Styles is receiving massive support from those tip officials and has left a certain sense on Mr. McMahon in a two-and-a-half months he’s been with WWE.

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AJ has already done a hole in a merchandising side of things, as fans ceaselessly buy his wristbands, sweatshirts, T-shirts and gloves. But maybe some-more importantly, or during slightest in and with a merchandise, WWE government views AJ Styles as their many commercial new talent. It positively didn’t harm Styles that he had already determined a repute wrestling around a world, though notwithstanding some teenager promo deficiencies, he seems to have a leg adult on some of a newest members of a categorical roster.

Styles fast determined himself as a energetic performer who could assistance lift a compare or argument on his abilities in a ring alone. His sole argument so distant saw him block off with Chris Jericho from a night after his debut, all a approach adult until WrestleMania. The dual put on clinics on Monday Night RAW and Smackdown!, and afterwards again on a pay-per-level during Fastlane and ‘Mania. And never did their module feel seared or recycled. Sure, Jericho branch heel played a large partial in that, though Y2AJ consistently entertained with their top-notch performances inside a ropes.

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AJ Styles has demonstrated in large interviews — both for WWE and with outlets covering it — that he is a ultimate group player. He was a new guest on a Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, observant that he would even have concluded to change his name had a WWE requested him to. They did it for Dean Ambrose, for Kevin Owens, for Apollo Crews, and large others. But not for AJ Styles. He told Roberts he was peaceful to play ball in any approach he could, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“‘Oh, he’s BJ Smiles!’, like I’m a wrestler from Fire Pro Wrestling. we literally was like, ‘you know what, man? I’ll do whatever we guys wish to do. Sure, I’d like to keep my name, though who wouldn’t? But that’s not going to stop me from going to a WWE. we wish to do what’s best for my family and my career, so if it works out, it works out [and] if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.’ A lot of request went to this stuff, though all worked out a approach that it should’ve and they knew, we mean, it only goes to uncover how intelligent they are as well, since when a word ‘phenomenal’ popped on that shade [at WWE Royal Rumble 2016], it was like, that was a right thing to do.”

Three months ago, he was a hottest giveaway representative on a wrestling market. Now, AJ Styles finds himself as a series one contender for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship and in a categorical eventuality during Payback. The preference to put him in that mark was done only recently, though it also might be partial of a pushing force behind branch Roman Reigns heel. Either way, it appears Styles has cemented himself (for now) in WWE’s upper-echelon.

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