WWE News: Huge Update On AJ Styles To WWE, TNA To Pursue Legal Action After Styles Backed Out Of TNA Deal?

January 23, 2016 - WWE

We all know by now that a likes of AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson are all set to go to WWE unequivocally unequivocally soon. It has been teased by both WWE and AJ Styles himself that he could make his entrance during tomorrow’s large Royal Rumble event. Styles could even be in his initial WrestleMania this year as well. WWE has been hinting tough during Styles entrance in online. It is suspicion that WWE is perplexing to provoke a internet some-more so that people will know some-more about Styles when he comes in though also be some-more enticed to balance into WWE RAW and SmackDown to assistance a reduce ratings.

All of this seemed great, and afterwards TNA Wrestling had to come in like a sour ex-girlfriend during a marriage and scream “NOOOO!!!” before her former beloved finally married his new girl. TNA sent out a large minute currently to a internet observant that not usually did AJ Styles and his Bullet Club brethren determine to terms on a agreement with TNA, though they afterwards corroborated out of those contracts with them. You can review a full story on that here.

Due to all of this controversy, a universe wanted to know more. Why did TNA put this out? What was a indicate in it all? Would this impact AJ signing with WWE and what would TNA unequivocally accomplish by it all?

PWInsider was means to answer some of those questions.

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TNA claims to have had a “handshake and written” understanding with all members. First and foremost, we know this is doubtful during slightest partly as Karl Anderson could not pointer anything entirely until his understanding with NJPW came adult in February. So that alone puts any arrange of agreement with him out of a window since he could not pointer anything due to his understanding with New Japan.

AJ Styles could pointer something as his agreement lapsed around Dec with New Japan. So he could have sealed with anyone whenever he wanted to, so TNA unequivocally good could be harm some-more since AJ corroborated out and looped all a others into a same problem. It is pronounced that when Bill Behrens, AJ’s counsel and agent, was not happy to learn that he had discussed anything with TNA though him benefaction and was opposite a understanding with TNA during a time. Behrens afterwards began communicating with TNA and they began operative on long-form contracts going into a Christmas holiday though zero was concluded to it seems.

TNA wanted to get AJ Styles behind badly, so they were peaceful to offer him a almost aloft understanding than what they offering a few years back. Styles and TNA apparently origonally started articulate in November, so a suspicion was that TNA could conduct to get him once his understanding with NJPW was up. The suspicion was that AJ would be returning to TNA by a Pop TV entrance (sort of), and it would be a good approach that TNA was branch things around.

The contingent met Dec 14, during Dixie’s home in Nashville in what was described as “a summit.” AJ, Doc, and Karl were there with Dixie and John Guburick and others within TNA. The organisation was pronounced to have met all day and it was suspicion that talks could not have left better. They apparently sealed adult start dates, came adult with a new logo, and even worked on artistic plans. Styles and Gallows were presented with a agreement after assembly secretly and came behind with requested amendments to a deal, that TNA concluded to. Styles’ understanding apparently was set for 3 years with an choice for another.

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Talks led to a suspicion that Anderson and Gallows would be entrance in with him. Both group were looking to find something outside, that afterwards of New Japan for several reasons. Gallows was not going to be underneath agreement while Anderson would have been. TNA afterwards bought craft tickets for all 3 to fly into Bethleham, PA for Impact Wrestling tapings in early January. The devise was that they would have filmed vignettes during a internal hotel and afterwards insert them into a Pop TV promote as a outrageous warn to a live crowd.

The suspicion was that that they would make their in-ring return/debut when TNA came to The U.K. after this month.

TNA sources explain that all 3 sealed agreements to work with TNA. The thing is, no lawyers were involved, though it was motionless among all 3 that they would be entrance in. As of this week, TNA did not hear from Anderson or Gallows though Styles done some kind of communication with them and he told them that he would be doing what was best for his family, that apparently meant he was holding a WWE offer.

Regarding TNA’s sour matter put out Friday afternoon, they were pronounced to have been undone over a communications between a dual sides unexpected entrance to a halt. They also were not happy about all a WWE rumors for a final few weeks. They felt that a wrestlers corroborated out of a understanding and that they did “the right thing,” though were still wronged in a end. A sourced remarkable to PWI that officials did not wish to demeanour like “a patsy,” and demeanour like they let “their Sting” leave for WWE though vouchsafing people know they attempted to move him back.

They fundamentally wanted what they felt was a law to strike a internet and be out there for a fans to decider on their own. The Bullet Club’s official twitter responded to a matter observant that “some things only should not be on a internet.” This fundamentally meant that they were not happy with TNA for going off on them for simply holding a improved deal.

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In observant all of this, there has been some conjecture that TNA competence take authorised movement opposite all 3 or go after WWE. However, word as of Friday was that no preference had been made. It is pronounced by many that TNA timed their matter on purpose, so that they could put AJ Styles’ intensity WWE Royal Rumble entrance in jeopardy.

Most feel that TNA has no approach of posterior any arrange of authorised movement and even if they tried, it would be thrown out as no counsel was benefaction to paint any of a performers TNA was perplexing to move in. It is pronounced that they also sealed “agreements” not contracts for TNA. They can bitterly speak about a members subsidy out of their particular TNA deal, though that does not meant they can force them to work for a company.

After all of this, what creates TNA trust that these destiny WWE Superstars would ever wish to work for them after they bloody them publicly like this? There is a reason AJ Styles left TNA a while back, and things like this did not assistance matters during all. TNA might have only busted him ever returning to a company. If zero else, all 3 could always work a independents for a while or go behind to Japan. They don’t unequivocally need TNA.

It should go though observant that any authorised movement TNA takes place won’t be taken severely in justice and all it would accomplish is carrying AJ Styles get out of his “agreement” due to not wanting to perform as an eccentric contractor, that he can do. Ask Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk how that eccentric executive thing works. Expect AJ to still make his WWE entrance soon.

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