WWE News: John Cena And Roman Reigns’ Inevitable Battle Will Only Help WWE

May 21, 2016 - WWE

When John Cena postulated a ripped rotator slap several months ago, it was afterwards time for another WWE luminary to lift a bucket as face of a company. Unfortunately, Seth Rollins wasn’t a choice due to an damage he postulated himself. Dean Ambrose isn’t seen as a face of a company, so it wasn’t going to be a Lunatic Fringe. Lastly, a third male of a Shield was hand-picked by a WWE to paint a company.

That male was Roman Reigns. The stream WWE champion stepped adult and took a purpose Cena left behind and has finished admirably. Sure, many of a WWE Universe loathes Reigns, though during slightest he gets a good greeting each time he stairs by that curtain. Not many maestro wrestlers can contend a same. At slightest Reigns has that going for him.

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He’s now nearby a finish of a argument with AJ Styles for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship. After his win during WrestleMania 32, he can’t be beaten. Not yet, during least. Who will be a male to unseat “the guy?” It won’t be Styles, who is presumably going to remove during Extreme Rules on Sunday. Dean Ambrose isn’t taken severely and Brock Lesnar is nowhere to be seen. There’s one final man to kick Reigns during a biggest celebration of a summer.

In a news by Cageside Seats, John Cena and Roman Reigns are rumored to be linked to a WWE championship compare during SummerSlam.

John Cena vs. Roman Reigns has apparently been talked about as a probable headlining compare during SummerSlam this year.

How good would this matchup be? The dual biggest stars in a association going head-to-head for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship would have a whole WWE Universe talking. There would be a good possibility to have a new dynamic, as Reigns and Cena are both argumentative figures. Who would be a heel and face in that feud?

Immediately on Cena’s return, he’ll be a babyface. He’s usually done one coming given removing hurt, and that was during WrestleMania. During his time off, he’s seemed on mixed TV shows and even hosted one. Are his priorities different? John Cena spoke to ABC News about that accurate subject.

“My goals don’t change. It’s a same thing when we started in 2002, it’s to get a mainstream assembly a improved notice of what WWE does. we am so ardent about what we do and I’m so discerning to foster a WWE as a code since I’m so constant and ardent about it and we wish everybody else to feel a same way. There are so many people that don’t watch a product during all and have preconceived notions about who a performers are and what they do, and my idea subsequent month or 5 years from now is to change that perception. There are some really gifted people that perform for a brand. we consider a code of party is adult there with anything as distant as live experience. we wish people to know that. It’s not uncool to do what we do.”

His priorities should be to assistance get younger talent over, though that’s besides a point. He will substantially constraint his 16th WWE championship and tie Ric Flair’s record. If it’s during SummerSlam, afterwards it will be a categorical event. Anything to get Roman Reigns divided from a pretension belt is totally acceptable. Most of a WWE fans wouldn’t even have any problem with Cena winning it again.

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As prolonged as he doesn’t have too prolonged of a pretension run and hands it off to a immature superstar, rather than another veteran. It’s unavoidable that both these group will argument together in a WWE soon. It will positively be for a WWE championship too. The large doubt is, who will come out on top?

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