WWE News: John Cena’s Official WWE Return Date Revealed

November 10, 2016 - WWE

For many years, a WWE Universe criticized John Cena’s wrestling ability and good man persona on WWE radio since they felt his longevity and his joining to WWE had done him seared as a character. It is humorous to contend that “he can’t wrestle” after being “the face that runs that place” for over a decade, categorical eventing Wrestlemania countless times, and a peculiarity of in-ring work he’s put in over a past dual years.

Suddenly, a large John Cena compare is a singular thing on WWE programming since he’s spending a lot of time operative on projects outward of WWE. Right now, he’s on a interregnum filming a second deteriorate of American Grit for FOX Network, that is going to keep him off WWE television until a finish of a year. Time divided like this gives a WWE Universe time to skip him, so his earnings and matches spin some-more meaningful.

There is still some conjecture that Cena could make a warn return during WWE Survivor Series, though he will only go behind on interregnum for another 4 to 6 weeks, so it’s some-more expected he’ll be out until his filming news is complete. Originally, it was reported a 15-time WWE World Champion wouldn’t lapse to WWE television until January. But, a some-more new news has suggested a accurate date Cena earnings to a WWE ring.

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According to that new report, John Cena will be returning during during a WWE live eventuality on Dec 26 in New York City. He’ll be creation his lapse to Madison Square Garden for a triple hazard compare opposite Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. For what it’s worth, AJ is still being advertised as a WWE World Champion. That eventuality happens to be on a Monday night, so it’s really expected Cena will lapse to SmackDown a subsequent night.

There has been a lot of conjecture about what WWE has designed for John Cena once he earnings to WWE television. There have been countless rumors about him stability his query to spin a sixteen time WWE World Champion, that will reignite a argument with AJ Styles. However, it’s also been reported that AJ could be headed for a face spin as well. That ancestral impulse could also be saved for Wrestlemania 33.

WWE artistic skeleton could also call for John Cena to work with someone new. For example, a WWE Royal Rumble PPV is set to be a biggest in story this January, and there has been a news that Cena could be feuding with Baron Corbin. On paper, that is something uninformed to keep him bustling until Wrestlemania, though a WWE Universe would some-more than expected wish to get things started with The Undertaker as shortly as possible.

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It was recently reported that WWE would be promoting Undertaker’s retirement match during Wrestlemania 33 subsequent year in Orlando. There are many WWE Superstars who are rumored to be a final competition of The Undertaker’s career, though John Cena is pronounced to be a initial name on WWE’s list. It’s been a rarely expected compare for years, and it would have happened final year if Cena hadn’t been injured, so this might be a final chance.

Shortly after John Cena earnings to WWE television, a argument with Undertaker could start immediately. A lot of people trust it should, generally if it’s to be a final compare for The Deadman. There have been some rumors about WWE pulling a trigger on a heel spin for Cena. It’s being pronounced that Vince McMahon is still opposite a idea, though Cena vs. Undertaker during Wrestlemania is one of a few situations where it’s plausible.

No matter what WWE officials confirm creatively for Cena to do once he earnings from his hiatus, it’ll be one of a many critical things going on WWE programming. For now, we know that he’ll be behind inside a WWE ring a night after Christmas and that’s adequate to get a round rolling into 2017.

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