WWE News: Note on Brock Lesnar and Night of Champions Tickets

September 19, 2014 - WWE

When Brock Lesnar done his jubilant lapse to a WWE, he reportedly sealed a one-year understanding value a towering $5 million.

Many baulked during a implausible sum, though a reason a former UFC star was means to authority that kind of income was that a WWE was assured it would replenish a investment. And if we demeanour behind during a numbers, you’d substantially have to contend that a association was right.

In Lesnar’s initial pay-per-view behind he headlined Extreme Rules with John Cena, assisting a uncover post a 22 percent boost in buys. The same year during SummerSlam, he sealed a uncover with Triple H, and that eventuality saw another healthy 21 percent boost in buys.

Since afterwards he’s been pushed as arguably a many widespread luminary in WWE history, ruinous The Undertaker’s undefeated strain during WrestleMania 30 and scarcely doing a same to John Cena’s neck during this year’s SummerSlam.

But notwithstanding this strenuous success, there’s an engaging story rising that could advise that Lesnar isn’t a pull he once was. As reported by Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Marc Middleton of Lords of Pain): “Secondary marketplace sheet prices for WWE Night of Champions are a lowest so distant for a pay-per-view led by Brock Lesnar. This is since a eventuality isn‘t sole out while other events with Lesnar during a tip of a label sole out good in advance.”

So does this meant that Lesnar’s recognition and sketch energy are waning?

Possibly, though in all honesty, substantially not.

First off, let’s take a demeanour during a Night of Champions venue. The Bridgestone Arena can accommodate 19,395 fans for basketball games and adult to 20,000 for concerts. Many of a other PPVs that Lesnar has headlined—and sole out—were in somewhat smaller venues with capacities closer to a 15,000-17,000 range, so apparently this combined distance could be one reason for a gangling tickets.

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Furthermore, this Night of Champions strife is of march a rematch. As good as Lesnar’s showdown with John Cena was during SummerSlam, a second time around is mostly most reduction appealing. WrestleMania 29 was covenant adequate to that.

It’s also value observant sheet sales for a eventuality itself isn’t a clearest indicator of sketch power, given a geographical stipulations involved. Buyrates tend to be a improved process of judging popularity, given a larger palliate of entrance and a broader audience.

Nevertheless, it could be a probable means for concern. Given a fact that Lesnar now binds a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, that’s radically dual probable sketch points that a association have combined into one.

Perhaps they would have been improved off gripping a dual star attractions separate, opening adult a probability of entertainment mixed categorical events—as was a box during SummerSlam 2013 and a several WrestleManias in that Brock has appeared.

Of course, there’s still time for a eventuality to sell out and for a PPV to move about a conspicuous uptick in Network subscriptions. But it’s an engaging indicate that this is looking like Lesnar‘s weakest-selling show—particularly as he’s so prohibited right now.


Please feel giveaway to share your possess opinions on this one, and let me know in a comments next what we consider about this news and any of a points lonesome in a article.

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