WWE News: Real Reason Why Vince McMahon Wanted Goldberg To Squash Brock Lesnar At WWE ‘Survivor Series’

November 26, 2016 - WWE

The WWE Universe is still buzzing about a outcome of a compare between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar during final weekend’s WWE Survivor Series PPV. The rematch between a dual group from their unsatisfactory hitch during WrestleMania 20 still let down many within a WWE Universe for an wholly opposite reason. It was Goldberg’s widespread win over Brock Lesnar in underneath dual mins that has people angry this time.

Brock Lesnar hasn’t put anyone over purify given Triple H degraded him during WrestleMania 29 over 3 years ago. WWE has requisitioned him really strongly given he pennyless The Undertaker’s undefeated strain on a grandest theatre of them all. Many WWE fans suspicion a immature talent who could make their name on being a initial to kick Brock purify was a right engagement decision, though Goldberg became that male at WWE Survivor Series.

Originally, WWE officials wanted to book Goldberg vs. Lesnar II as tighten to a genuine MMA quarrel as possible, and it would have been a war, that is what many people suspicion was designed by a powers that be. However, it was reported that Goldberg “tweaked his shoulder,” that finished it unsure for WWE to book a compare with Lesnar to be longer. Once WWE finished that decision, Vince McMahon motionless a squish compare was best.

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According to a new report, a preference was finished by WWE officials and Vince McMahon for Goldberg to squish Brock Lesnar during WWE Survivor Series since it was a outcome that would emanate a many hum and set Goldberg adult for a WWE Royal Rumble in Jan and another compare between Goldberg and Lesnar.

Few people were awaiting Brock Lesnar to be dominated a approach he was by Goldberg. It’s been reported that it was finished to warn “smart marks.” However, WWE officials and Vince McMahon suspicion that Goldberg winning so fast was loyal to a impression and generated a many hum for a association as WWE heads into a WWE Royal Rumble, that Goldberg is already reliable to be a partial of subsequent year.

Reestablishing Goldberg and generating hum is logical, though a lot of WWE fans are dissapoint those things came during a responsibility of Brock Lesnar, who dominated a WWE register for over dual years. On paper, it creates a whole register demeanour bad if Goldberg, who hasn’t wrestled in 12 years, could better Lesnar so easily. When he was creation a decision, Vince McMahon didn’t trust a detriment will harm Brock Lesnar in a long-term.

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Vince McMahon is pronounced to be banking on a WWE Universe carrying a short-term memory when it comes to Brock Lesnar’s detriment during WWE Survivor Series. The devise seems to be for Goldberg vs. Lesnar III to take place during WrestleMania 33 subsequent year in Orlando. Lesnar will get his feat during that eventuality and afterwards can continue as The Beast Incarnate. The fact is that WWE Survivor Series was about Goldberg, not Brock Lesnar.

WWE’s proof had some-more to do with Goldberg returning to a WWE ring in a large way, and a WWE fans told them for months that Goldberg vs. Lesnar was a compare they wanted to see. If anything, WWE Survivor Series valid that even after a dozen years, Goldberg is still one of a biggest draws in a business.

Naturally, WWE would wish to keep that going into dual of a biggest PPVs a association has ever had in WWE history. Hopefully, their engagement over a subsequent few months binds adult since a WWE Universe is still divided on what happened during WWE Survivor Series. WWE Royal Rumble will be a subsequent large decision.

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