WWE news, rumors: Dolph Ziggler staying in WWE? Rey Mysterio’s future

February 12, 2018 - WWE

The standing of Dolph Ziggler in WWE has been a subject of review for several weeks now. Actually, given his storyline usage, we could contend it’s been something on a list for several years

But as it pertains to a benefaction day, we might have some construction on a destiny of “The Showoff” in a largest pro wrestling association in a world. Apparently, he was deemed profitable adequate to be given a flattering honeyed understanding that usually could not be incited down by a former Spirit Squad member. 

This is where we start a demeanour during some of a distinguished WWE headlines and rumors for Monday, Feb. 12. 

Report: Ziggler to continue display off in WWE

Ziggler was offering and supposed what was described by Bill Hamin of “The Locker Room” podcast as a “sweetheart deal” to sojourn with WWE. Reportedly, this new long-term understanding will concede Ziggler to skip from a building immediately after his matches, and he will also be authorised to pursue projects (such as his comedy) outward of WWE as prolonged has they don’t meddle with his commitments.

Last year during Clash of Champions, Ziggler won a United States championship when he degraded Baron Corbin and Bobby Roode in a triple hazard match. However, dual nights after on SmackDown Live, he came out to a ring, ripped on fans for not honourable him, left a belt in a ring and confused all of us in a process. He was absent from radio until he seemed as a No. 30 entrant in a Royal Rumble match, nonetheless he usually lasted a few mins in a annual hitch before being tossed by No. 2 entrant Finn Balor. Ziggler will make his lapse to a SmackDown Live ring on Tuesday night when he faces off with Corbin for a right to spin a fourth member in a WWE championship compare during Fastlane that already includes a champion AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

More WWE news, rumors

  • Former WWE women’s champion Ivory has been announced as a latest WWE Hall of Fame inducteeIvory joins a category to be inducted in New Orleans during WrestleMania 34 weekend that already includes Goldberg and The Dudley Boyz. 
  • Rey Mysterio will contest for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. During a new New Beginning show, a master of a 619 astounded a wrestling universe when he seemed in a pretaped video announcing he will be competing in a NJPW ring. Mysterio, who was recently a warn entrant in a Royal Rumble match, will make his NJPW entrance during a Strong Style Evolved show, that outlines New Japan’s lapse to a United States on Mar 25 in Long Beach, California. His foe will be nothing other than mythological Japanese youth heavyweight Jushin Thunder Liger, so that’s really a compare we won’t wish to skip when it front live on AXS TV. 
  • Booker T and Corey Graves worked us all. OK, Corey and Booker, we guys got us. Graves concluded to make an coming on Booker’s radio show, where we suspicion some some-more real-life fireworks would go off between a dual in a arise of a former five-time WCW champion heading us to trust he was prepared to give Graves a parking lot beatdown. Yet, what we schooled from Graves’ coming on a uncover was that a dual were usually carrying fun with one another while examination a internet wrestling village bake as they laughed during everyone’s expense. Well done, guys. And remember, wrestling fans — always assume that all is a work. 
  • Tamina Snuka is out indefinitely. SmackDown women’s luminary Tamina recently suggested on Instagram that she underwent successful medicine on her right shoulder. WWE reliable a news of a procedure, nonetheless no calendar has been set for her return. The daughter of a late “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was recently an entrant in a initial women’s Royal Rumble compare that took place in Philadelphia, won by Raw luminary Asuka.
  • Announced matches for a Feb. 12 Raw: Finn Balor, Matt Hardy, Bray Wyatt and Apollo Crews will conflict in a Fatal 4-Way compare to establish a final entrant into a men’s Elimination Chamber compare on Sunday, Feb. 25. Also, ubiquitous manager Kurt Angle announced on Monday that dual aged rivals will hit as Sasha Banks will take on Bayley in some “friendly competition.” With Raw holding place in Bayley’s hometown of San Jose, California, and tragedy brewing between a dual friends as of late, we could be in store for a provide with this bout. Could a long-awaited Banks heel spin be on a horizon? 

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