WWE news, rumors: Matt Riddle reportedly agrees to long-term deal, other indy stars contacted

August 3, 2018 - WWE

Matt Riddle is one of a tip names in eccentric veteran wrestling right now, and as some-more reports surface, it looks as if he’s set to become a star underneath a WWE banner (finally). Word per a understanding a former UFC warrior has sealed with WWE, as good as a association sharpened for dual other indie stars, is where we start a demeanour during some of a biggest headlines for Thursday, Aug, 2. 

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Matt Riddle reportedly signs, other indie stars contacted

The opening RingsideNews.com was initial to report that Riddle had sealed a three-year understanding with WWE, and one of a some-more creditable sources in a business has clearly confirmed. Pegged on Twitter about Riddle similar to a long-term agreement that would see him pierce to WWE, Dave Meltzer of a Wrestling Observer Newsletter advanced a rumor. 

Riddle’s reported understanding with WWE is not a usually square of information Meltzer has addressed per eccentric stars tied to WWE. 

In a latest of a Wrestling Observer [subscription compulsory and recommended], Meltzer suggested that WWE has reached out to Mexican stars Pentagon Jr. and Fenix, who occur to also be real-life siblings. Most important here in a United States for their work on a Lucha Underground radio show, a dual have recently been creation appearances for Impact Wrestling after a crossover agreement with a El Rey Network uncover was reached. Pentagon, a some-more renouned of a duo, even reason a Impact universe championship for a brief volume of time. The usually reason adult in potentially reaching deals with a two, according to Meltzer, is that they competence be tied to Lucha Underground for 3 some-more seasons. That does not indispensably meant they would not be means to get out of those deals should they be interested.

The eccentric pro wrestling stage is arguably a deepest that it has ever been, and apparently, WWE is not holding behind in perplexing to capitalize. 

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  • Also from this week’s book of a Observer, Rey Mysterio appears to be inching closer toward returning to WWE. The former universe heavyweight champion’s final eccentric dates are in early September, definition a lapse to WWE could be in a cards shortly after he competes on a All In eccentric super uncover being presented by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks in Chicago on Sept. 1. It was announced this week that Mysterio will group with Bandido Fenix to take on Kota Ibushi The Young Bucks during All In. 
  • By a finish of a day on Thursday, Glenn Jacobs, best famous to WWE fans as Kane, competence strictly be inaugurated a subsequent mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. After a close feat in a GOP primary choosing in May, Jacobs is adult opposite approved opposition Linda Haney, who he is approaching to better handily. “Mayor Kane” shortly won’t be only a fun any longer. 
  • Jazzy Gabert was, though question, one of a some-more renouned competitors during a initial Mae Young Classic contest final year. Because of that, fans had been anticipating a widespread German would lapse to contest in a second book of a contest this year. Sadly, though, Gabert suggested on her Twitter comment that she will not be enclosed in a margin this year though she thanked everybody for a support. Due to her recognition final year, WWE was set on signing her to a developmental understanding though a offer was rescinded when a medical staff unclosed mixed neck issues. 

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