WWE News: Three Things ‘Raw’ Needs To Do To Avoid Cancellation

October 10, 2016 - WWE

The latest WWE news about Raw doesn’t bode good for a Monday night brand. Even yet Roman Reigns — and, to a obtuse extent, Kevin Owens — consistently brings ratings into a show, a multiple of Monday Night Football, presidential debates, and hokey storylines that widen approach too distant over a march of 3 hours have all worked together to move a ratings down significantly. If this trend continues, a WWE news reports advise that a dear Monday night code might be cancelled!

Of course, wrestling fans wish to equivocate this foresight bit of WWE news, as — no doubt — does a association itself. But if a WWE wants Raw to continue on Monday nights — and, eventually, revive a code to a former excellence — there are 3 unequivocally critical things that it needs to do to equivocate cancellation.

1. The fans wish some-more Roman Reigns. Give them what they want.
Love him or hatred him, Roman Reigns is a categorical star of a Raw show, and EWrestlingNews.com wastes no time in indicating this out in their latest WWE news report. And it’s not usually about Roman Reigns, himself, being placed in some-more fights (though that positively wouldn’t hurt) — rather, it’s about Roman Reigns removing improved storylines and improved fights. He unequivocally shines when he’s authorised to uncover off his substantial technical prowess, that is because his fights with Rusev — himself a challenging warrior — work so well. Play some-more into his bravery and a good storyline, and watch a ratings soar.

2. More NXT talent. Stat.
When TJ Perkins became a worldwide trending subject on Twitter after his win, a WWE should have taken evident note and put some-more NXT talent on a tender roster. But according to Talking Baws’ latest WWE news report, they’re doing all though that — and that’s spiteful a code roughly irreparably. TJ Perkins is by no means an curiosity in a NXT wrestling universe — some of a company’s stream biggest stars, like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and of march Roman Reigns, came adult underneath a NXT banner. More to a point: NXT fighters are reduction about a play and some-more about a fights (such as a aforementioned TJ Perkins, who was a luchador before relocating into a WWE ring). With so many complaints about how Raw is all about purposeless play and hokey fights, wouldn’t it be good if a NXT fighters could move a concentration behind to where it belongs?

3. Shorten a length of a show, already!
It’s been pronounced many times, in many ways, though a association seems to omit the shrill cries from a latest WWE news reports, such as a one put out by The Sportster. When SmackDown reduced their uncover time from 3 hours to dual hours, not usually did a ratings drastically improve, though a concentration returned to a tangible competition of wrestling rather than a unnecessary play of a shows. And let’s be fair: while a storylines are positively lovable and offer to pass a time good enough, a Raw storylines jumped a self-evident shark when Lana (Rusev’s wife) finished adult face initial in a marriage cake surfaced with pinkish frosting interjection to Roman Reigns. For Pete’s consequence — Roman Reigns is not usually a cousin of The Rock and The Usos, he comes from a Anoa’i family of prestigious wrestlers. Must he unequivocally be reduced to shoving a woman’s face in a cake? And nothing of this would occur if Raw was usually dual hours long. So, WWE executives: digest a length of Raw. Please.

What do we consider of this latest WWE news report?
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