WWE News: WWE Preparing For John Cena To Leave WWE While He’s Filming Reality Show For FOX

August 15, 2016 - WWE

WWE Superstar John Cena competence be “the face that runs a place” though we competence not be saying his face for a small while. While John Cena is set to work WWE SummerSlam a week from today, he competence leave a WWE for a bit following a compare with AJ Styles. The dual are certain to put on one heck of a compare if we go off of what they did during WWE Money in a Bank.

As of now, Cena is set to be a horde of a second deteriorate of American Grit. Grit was a existence TV uncover on a FOX Network in a United States. While ratings did not do as good as primarily hoped, it did do good adequate for FOX to replenish it for subsequent Spring. The engaging thing is that Cena is indeed withdrawal progressing to film than he did final year.

In Oct of 2015, during WWE Hell in a Cell, John Cena did his normal open plea for a WWE United States Championship. A returning Alberto Del Rio took him on in what was seen as a misfortune compare Cena had finished in all of 2015, as a compare usually lasted a brief time and finished weirdly. The compare even non-stop a uncover and Cena was not seen in a WWE for months.

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Cena finally returned toward a start of 2016, and a devise was primarily set for him to get punish on Del Rio, though skeleton shifted a bit during that time when several people went down due to injury. Cena was afterwards set to face off with Roman Reigns for a WWE World Title during WrestleMania 32, afterwards he too went down to an damage causing skeleton to change even more.

Now that Cena is back, he is withdrawal nonetheless again, though WWE is not going to be held off ensure this time. Daily Wrestling News reports that a association has unequivocally begun to work on Cena-less skeleton for a subsequent few months. This competence not be as formidable with a code separate in play, that is a good thing. Unlike final year, we don’t have to come adult with calm for dual or 3 shows that competence have featured Cena.

The association hopes that he’ll be means to lapse by Nov to work WWE Survivor Series, that looks to be flattering possible. He returned by late Dec final year after withdrawal in October. This time around, he would start filming in early Sep and he could conduct to make it behind to a WWE by Survivor Series if cards are played right.

John Cena has been revelation people that he considers himself a part-time talent now, though don’t design him to go divided and usually seem a few times a year like The Rock. He will be left for a bit this time around, though he will be on each radio taping he can presumably be during for as prolonged as possible. Rock became so renouned in Hollywood that cinema went on all year prolonged for him. They do now, though he has done some-more time for a WWE.

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Cena doesn’t wish to tumble into any arrange of emanate and has told WWE that he does not devise to leave. However, a association is going to work with him on his movie/television report as they know his success does assistance them long-term. The some-more renouned John Cena is outward of a WWE, a some-more fans they can move to a WWE. It helps a business and during a finish of a day, this is what Vince McMahon wants to see.

As for SummerSlam, a devise as of now is saying AJ Styles take a win over John Cena. While Cena is gone, Styles is ostensible to be going after a WWE World Championship. This would be good for a blue code in a deficiency of a tip star in a business. WWE SmackDown Live does need Cena, though there is a lot of talent on a register that could get a good mark but Cena and if they can conduct to get over while he’s gone, there is a probability they sojourn in a tip position and even work with John once he comes back. We should also design his adversary with Styles to continue once he comes back, as this is not set to finish at SummerSlam.

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