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October 18, 2015 - WWE

WWE Tough Enough was an engaging try for WWE this past summer, as they were means to see some new talent that could be destiny stars for them. While ZZ, Josh, Amanda, and Sara Lee are all now underneath a WWE contract, many wanted to see others get a event to come in. Tanner finished adult determining to go behind to a universe of MMA, and will come behind to wrestling during a after date, while people like Patrick Clark simply went behind to what he was already doing before Tough Enough — wrestling.

Patrick was an eccentric wrestler before WWE gave him a event to come onto a Tough Enough radio show. He indeed worked out of Maryland Championship Wrestling, and was suspicion to be put in a bigger purpose there after a Tough Enough period. However, many felt that WWE would give him a possibility to come down and work underneath a developmental contract.

Chad Dukes was a one who initial reported that Clark was being sealed to a deal, as he mentioned it on his radio show, that happens to be out of Washington, D.C.

PWInsider reported that he was, indeed, signed, tentative a customary WWE medical tests. Patrick was pronounced to have had a audition for WWE a few weeks back, and it does seem that he was favourite adequate to get a event to come in. He would be a usually chairman out of a Tough Enough final 4 to get sealed as of this point.

WWE Hall of Famer Lita is now operative with WWE in a backstage purpose and was pronounced to have had a large partial in a signing of Patrick Clark, that means he has her to appreciate for a opportunity.

Clark is 19-years-old, so he will certainly be someone WWE can wait a bit longer on. His swell during 19 is not of their regard when he can simply broach in a integrate years. WWE is in no rush to use many of a Tough Enough talent. The usually chairman who WWE is prepared to underline immediately is Amanda, who will be operative for WWE on a Total Divas uncover in a new season, as she has been operative with a girls of a uncover as many as possible.

The feeling among many is that Amanda will be good to use for a accumulation of outward projects, identical to Eva Marie, so there is no rush on her entrance to a categorical register when she can be used in non-wrestling roles. However, WWE does wish to get both Eva Marie and Amanda improved in a ring so that they can both be featured in a bigger purpose on WWE NXT.

While Eva has returned to NXT, she has not shown adequate alleviation for people to like her on a same turn as a other girls WWE has had with NXT, like a Sasha Banks or Charlotte.

Amanda has nonetheless to make her in-ring entrance for NXT. However, she and Sara Lee both did a live compare on Tough Enough. Amanda was good for a small time she had to prepare, while Sara lagged behind. The feeling among fans is that Amanda could be a critical aspirant in a Divas’ Division if she can continue to rise in a right way. Keep in mind, Charlotte competence be Ric Flair’s daughter, though had 0 wrestling knowledge before entrance to WWE. That said, Amanda could finish adult doing only as good as Charlotte with a same coaches training her.

When it comes to Patrick Clark, while he does come in with some experience, he won’t be seen on radio for a while. His age plays into his favor, as WWE will continue to give him time over others who are many comparison entrance in.

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