WWE Night of Champions 2014: Defeats That Sent Biggest Messages to Fans

September 23, 2014 - WWE

There were a few important defeats during WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view that should offer as indications to fans as to where a artistic group is streamer over a subsequent integrate of months.

A distraught Mark Henry tapped out to beast heel Rusev in their heavily hyped bout. Does this meant WWE is abandoning Henry’s patriotic-themed babyface run and scripting him to go heel soon? we consider so.

Having let down his country, is there anywhere left for a star to go as a babyface? we don’t consider so. And it creates clarity that sourness and rancour from this detriment could be a thing that sends him behind to being a heel. Fans could see this angle rise during a subsequent pay-per-view.

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The outcome also confirms to a WWE Universe that a artistic group stays resolutely behind Rusev. Having simply dispatched each enemy in his path, is it now time for him to pierce on to a bigger Superstar like John Cena?

Regardless, one thing is for sure: WWE has large skeleton for a former NXT performer.

In other news from a show: Dolph Ziggler mislaid a Intercontinental Championship to The Miz. Granted, a win wasn’t accurately clean—Miz’s sidekick Damien Sandow supposing a daze that authorised his trainer to capitalize—but a detriment expected hasn’t helped Ziggler’s credibility.

Will a star redeem himself during Hell in a Cell and get his pretension back? we would consider so, though it’s not a certain thing.

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Is it probable that after a brief career revival, Ziggler has found himself right behind during block one? Has WWE mislaid faith in him nonetheless again? Let’s wish not. He’s distant too gifted to usually penetrate behind to a reduce midcard again.  

Paige also mislaid her Divas Championship in a Triple Threat match, with archenemy AJ Lee emerging  victorious.

The British Diva has been a prominence of WWE radio via 2014. Ideally, she will continue to be—but usually if a association has a good miscarry argument designed for her. If not, it’s easy to see her vanishing into shade like so many other Divas have after losing a title.

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As distant as a categorical eventuality stage goes, Cena unsuccessful in his try to win behind his WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Brock Lesnar interjection to Seth Rollins’ interference.

Has WWE motionless to keep a belt on Brock Lesnar in a prolonged term? It’s possible. Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for a pretension during WrestleMania subsequent year might be a company’s best and many earnest engagement option. Maybe Lesnar maintaining a pretension here was a large step toward that.

It’s substantially a good pointer that WWE refrained from putting a pretension behind on Cena. It would have been too predictable, and as remarkable there are simply some-more storyline opportunities with Lesnar as champion.

In that respect, Cena’s “defeat” during Night of Champions was really really a big step in a right direction.

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