WWE Night of Champions 2015: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions, More

September 20, 2015 - WWE

WWE Night of Champions 2015 will see dual warriors remove a titles now in their grasp, nonetheless there won’t be a whole flurry of new champs.

Seth Rollins is firm to remove during slightest one of a straps that he wears on his shoulders. Charlotte is shutting in on a career first. Fans of Ryback and The New Day, though, have reason to be assured that their guys leave the Toyota Center in Houston with bullion still in their possession.

The arriving pay-per-view promises a warn in a form of who will be teaming adult with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. It also assures a assembly that it will see story made. The night outlines Sting’s initial hitch for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Will Sting spin a oldest WWE champ in association history? Will a midcard hitch take a show?

To answer those questions and mangle down a ninth book of Night of Champions, we dive into backstage reports, analysts’ projections and an hearing of a hints WWE has laid out.


News, Potential Spoilers

The biggest mystery—or a worst-kept secret, depending on whom we ask—ahead of Night of Champions is who will join Reigns and Ambrose in their six-man conflict conflicting The Wyatt Family.

The dual joked in an speak with JoJo that it was The Great Khali set to join them:

There is intensity justification that an NXT star is a poser man. Nick Paglino of Wrestle Zone noted that several fans sent in a print reportedly from WWE.com that featured Baron Corbin station behind Reigns and Ambrose. It’s not clear, though, possibly this is a Photoshopped picture or a box of some WWE worker creation a large blunder.

Ross threw out another possibility. He speculated in his blog, “Could Samoa Joe be a poser partner of Ambrose and Reigns and during Night of Champions in Houston? Just asking.”

PWInsider’s Mike Johnson has perceived no info on possibly male fasten Reigns and Ambrose. He wrote about a situation, “I haven’t listened anything about a NXT talent being used in a role.”

It is value noting, as Pro Wrestling Torch mentioned, Joe and Corbin were both in Houston on Friday for NXT‘s debate of a Lone Star State. Omar S. supposing a print of The Lone Wolf in a ring in H-town:

For those meditative that an aged Wyatt Family member will be switching sides, don’t count on it. Erick Rowan is still hurt. In another report, Johnson noted, “Rowan is tighten to being privileged to lapse to a ring and is approaching to conduct down to a WWE Performance Center shortly to work off ring rust.”

That doesn’t sound like he will be prepared in time to make it to Night of Champions.

Cena fans have reason to trust that their favorite powerhouse will take home bullion that night. According to F4WOnline (h/t Wrestling Inc), Cena isn’t expected to have another universe pretension run until subsequent year.

That could meant he takes behind a U.S. pretension instead. He could continue a open hurdles he had progressing in a year, assisting to revive status to a belt.  

Credit: WWE.com

Further justification comes from WWE‘s reported sell plans. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestle Zone) reported that WWE is scheming to rerelease Cena sell with a U.S. pretension on it. That would positively advise another power as U.S. champ.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev is one of a few non-title bouts on a PPV card. A new backstage news forked to their argument changing gears in a nearby future.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE is deliberation carrying Lana and Rusev reunite. 

That’s a probable pointer that fans see tragedy between Summer Rae and Rusev. Could Summer be switching her devotion to The Showoff?


Match Card

  • Neville and The Lucha Dragons vs. The Cosmic Wastleland (Pre-show)
  • Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev
  • Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and a poser partner vs. The Wyatt Family
  • Ryback vs. Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)
  • The New Day vs The Dudley Boyz (Tag Team Championship)
  • Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte (Divas Championship)
  • Seth Rollins vs. John Cena (United States Championship)
  • Seth Rollins vs. Sting (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)


Quick Predictions

  • The Cosmic Wasteland wins.
  • Rusev over Ziggler.
  • Ambrose, Reigns and a poser male win.
  • Ryback over Owens.
  • The New Day over The Dudley Boyz.
  • Charlotte over Nikki.
  • Cena over Rollins.
  • Rollins over Sting.


The Wasteland Arrives

To prominence a new team, demeanour for WWE to have Stardust and his dual soldiers measure a win here.

After SummerSlam, Stardust has perceived some-more of a spotlight than Neville. It’s been him removing mic time and going on his furious rants, not Neville. 

It’s not transparent possibly The Lucha Dragons and Neville are going to be teaming adult in a destiny or are usually portion as The Cosmic Wasteland’s initial victims. Stardust’s crew, on a other hand, feels like some-more of a unit.

A feat here is a proclamation of their arrival.


Revenge Has to Wait

Once Ziggler gets a large win, a story will have reached a apex. As most as many fans wish to see that occur as shortly as probable so this eloquent adversary can hang adult in a hurry, that’s not function yet.

Lana has to figure into a consummate deliberation how pivotal she has been to a story. With her during home, nursing a broken wrist, that’s doubtful to occur as shortly as Sunday night.

Rusev winning here sets adult a third go-round where Ziggler can finally conquer a rugged heel, and Lana can have her impulse in a sun. That could good be her branch on Ziggler and rejoining Rusev, nonetheless it will have to wait.


Shield 2.0 Is Successful

Whoever jumps into a ravel alongside Reigns and Ambrose is going to ambience feat in Houston. The story of a newly shaped contingent slicing a monsters down is a kind of feel-good babyface delight that would best fit this moment.

The whole reason Reigns and Ambrose recruited a new male is to negate The Wyatt Family’s adding Braun Strowman

This new chronicle of The Shield losing in annoy of a uninformed face would be a unsatisfactory spin of events. Besides, WWE has shown that it is not committed to giving Bray Wyatt unchanging wins.

As for who will be this poser partner, Bleacher Report’s Dan Pecoraro discussed some of WWE‘s best bets to fill that spot:


Ryback Retains (For Now)

Owens would make an glorious intercontinental champion, nonetheless he won’t get to do so until good past Night of Champions.

Ryback‘s pretension power is usually starting to get rolling after The Big Guy missed time with a staph infection, and he was afterwards mired in a argument with a plodding Big Show. Going adult conflicting Owens is a most improved fit for him in terms of in-ring work, so design WWE to divert that by engagement them in a array of pretension bouts over a subsequent few months.

Despite an underwhelming pre-match account and an ungainly shred on Monday’s Raw between a two, this promises to be one of a event’s best offerings. The story won’t do most for anyone. The hard-hitting, high-impact conflict that these will deliver, though, will make Ryback and Owens a speak of a PPV.


The New Day Survives

The tab group titles usually altered hands. The New Day dethroned The Prime Time Players during SummerSlam final month. It’s doubtful a association crowns a new champ during uninterrupted PPVs.

Besides, WWE is improved off watchful for a some-more fatiguing impulse for The Dudley Boyz to seize a titles once more. 

Having them win their 10th WWE tab pretension in a tables compare or Tables, Ladders Chairs hitch is a bigger story. That would really expostulate home a moment.

Delaying that win also allows this adversary to grow some-more intense. It is usually in a early theatre now, and a pretension change wouldn’t meant scarcely as most until some-more personal issues get extrinsic into a narrative.


A New Queen Takes a Throne

The usually approach it creates clarity for Nikki Bella to have cheated her approach past AJ Lee’s record on Monday’s Raw would be to follow it adult with a makeup win for Charlotte.

WWE teased fans with what looked like a Charlotte victory, usually to wrench a carpet out. That’s a excellent plan if it leads to a babyface creation a heel compensate for her unethical ways. This would have WWE follow adult a tummy punch that was Charlotte’s nearby win with a impulse of excellence on a bigger stage.

Having Nikki remove gives a multiplication a feeling of change, something that has been prolonged betrothed given a Divas Revolution angle began. Expect that unfolding to play out with Paige removing sceptical of her fan holding home a gold.


Cena Back as Champ

Rollins’ winning both of his matches would be a smartest move. WWE, though, hasn’t requisitioned Rollins anywhere nearby as clever as that.

This is a same male who mislaid to his possess unhandy confidence group and tapped out to Cena and Sting in a final few weeks. WWE has given Rollins a stop-and-start arc as champ. Count on his attack both a rise and a hollow during Night of Champions.

Losing to Cena gives a megastar behind a belt he was elevating, and it creates combined vigour for Rollins, as good as some-more torment along a way.

Bleacher Report’s Big Nasty believes that this will be a night’s best match:


Rollins Gets a Rub

Wrestling Booking 101 says give a immature male a vital win conflicting a aging legend. That gives Rollins a outrageous fulfilment to gloat about. It also opens a doorway for a teased Triple H vs. Rollins compare down a road.

They would have both degraded Sting during this point. The subsequent step could be for Rollins and The Game to step into a ring together to infer who is a improved man.

And if we go by a common settlement of retreat momentum, Sting’s forcing Rollins to daub out foreshadows a conflicting outcome come Sunday. In a Team Steam Now video, Pecoraro remarkable how he believes Sting’s win on Monday’s Raw spells a detriment for him during a PPV:

What afterwards about Sheamus? Is he going to money in his Money in a Bank contract?

WWE has been so clumsy with indication that probability that it feels doubtful during this point. He might provoke that a cash-in, nonetheless there would be no warn cause with as most as a thought has been talked about on TV.

The Celtic Warrior will have destiny opportunities. There’s a good possibility Rollins is in a Hell in a Cell compare during a subsequent PPV, as it’s a thesis of a show, and a assault of that chapter will leave him exposed once more. 

source ⦿ http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2569057-wwe-night-of-champions-2015-match-card-potential-spoilers-predictions-more

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