WWE NXT Big Board: Updated Prospect Rankings and Analysis for Mar 13

March 13, 2015 - WWE

Progress was a executive thesis for a latest arrangement of a WWE NXT prospects’ talents.

On Wednesday’s show, Hideo Itami continued his ongoing composition to his new universe and Alexa Bliss showed that she’s been bustling training tough given we final saw her. CJ Parker, meanwhile, has struggled to improve. While others are climbing toward their ceilings, he might have already strike his conduct on his.

He finds himself in a swarming margin of glorious wrestlers, one that could shortly transparent out some. WWE has a robe of introducing new talent after WrestleMania.

Who is many prepared to make a burst to a categorical register should that call come? Who would many flower there on arrival? The following is a demeanour during how a NXT prospects smoke-stack adult in that follow to a majors.

Ring work, mic skills, size, gimmick and intangibles such as participation establish a rankings. Wrestlers who have not debuted on TV are not considered. Neither is a man like Alex Riley, a former WWE star seeking career resurgence during Full Sail University.


The Superstars

NXT Prospect Rankings (Top 20)

Sami Zayn
6’1”, 205 lbs
Superb during in-ring storytelling, flourishing as talker, consistently delivers good matches.
Kevin Owens
6’0″, 266 lbs
Intimidating, good brawler, NXT’s tip talker, abounding as heel.
Adrian Neville
5’10”, 194 lbs
Top-tier high-flyer, excelling during use of facial expressions, normal yet improving on a mic.
Finn Balor
5’11”, 179 lbs
Extremely well-spoken in a ring, athletic, so-so mic work, commercial look, noted theatrics.
Hideo Itami
5’9”, 182 lbs
Fluid, athletic, learned striker, good in-ring storyteller, English-language skills still a work in progress.
Tyler Breeze
6’0”, 190 lbs
Athletic, plain on a mic, gifted showman, questions sojourn about how gimmick will interpret to WWE.
Baron Corbin
6’8”, 275 lbs
Elite presence, raw/unproven in a ring, good distance and look.
Bull Dempsey
6’2”, 300 lbs
Aggressive, works heel purpose well, clever in a ring, glorious on a mic.
5’6”, 170 lbs
Superb athlete, impossibly quick, distance is an issue.
Colin Cassady
6’10”, 276 lbs
Great size, charismatic, good energy.
Solomon Crowe
5’10”, 207 lbs
Excellent striker, good presence, athletic, well-rounded in a ring, clever on a mic.
Simon Gotch
6’1”, 221 lbs
Works gimmick well, high-level showman, good use of facial expressions, has nonetheless to have standout match.
Enzo Amore
5’11”, 200 lbs
Fantastic presence, funny, charismatic, unimpressive in a ring, will make improved manager.
Jason Jordan
6’3”, 245 lbs
Impressive look, good athlete, improving as in-ring storyteller.
Aiden English
6’3”, 215 lbs
Charismatic, works gimmick well, behaving credentials aids him, normal in a ring.
Buddy Murphy
5’11”, 227 lbs
Good athlete, powerful, explosive, below-average on a mic.
Scott Dawson
5’10”, 224 lbs
Excellent pad worker, fits improved as partial of tab team, lacks “it” factor.
CJ Parker
6’3”, 220 lbs
Solid all-around performer, struggling to mount out.
Chad Gable
5’8”, 185 lbs
High-level technical wrestler, unproven on mic, distance is an issue.
Tye Dillinger
6’3”, 223 lbs
Below-average athlete, good seller, skilful during in-ring psychology, lacking gimmick/persona.

Height and weight from WWE.com

Prospects usually outward a tip 20: Mojo Rawley, Wesley Blake, Angelo Dawkins.


Hideo Itami More and More Like Himself

It’s as if Itami arrived from Japan solidified and it has taken months for him to unfreeze out.

He has not been as staid and constrained as he was in his home country. That is solemnly changing. He continues to return to his higher self. 

Going adult opposite Tyler Breeze again, he had one of his improved NXT matches.

His offering skills many stood out. After a superkick from Breeze, he looked adult from a pad dazed, as if animation birds were drifting by his eyes. Later on, a Beauty Shot not usually knocked him behind yet had him rolled adult with his behind twisted and his legs in a air.

These nuances make a good pairing with all his jaunty offense. 

His straight burst is impressive. It’s good to see him now burst during his enemy with some-more certainty than he did early in his NXT run. 

Even so, he hasn’t finished adequate to transcend Finn Balor in a rankings. Balor edges him out with mic skills, mostly due to Itami still training how to pronounce a language. Balor‘s opening and theatrics also give him an easy approach to lift fans in.


Questions about Kalisto

Kalisto is clearly headed to a categorical register soon. WWE has offering him and Sin Cara some-more and some-more opportunities on Main Event and Superstars. Most recently, The Lucha Dragons degraded a span of different opponents before Tuesday’s Main Event tapings strictly began, per ProFightDB.com

What’s certain is that his earthy gifts will wow during a subsequent level.

He’s good quick and impressively agile. Fans saw that again when he and Sin Cara took on Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. He creates a customary pierce like the crossbody breathtaking.

WWE can’t be certain what else he will offer on a categorical roster, though.

He hasn’t finished anything noted on a mic. His ring work is exciting, yet will he be means to say that in longer, some-more high-profile matches? One has to consternation if he can develop divided from a tab group multiplication as well.

With as most as WWE is carrying Kalisto work categorical register shows lately, it looks as if he will shortly get each possibility to relieve all those doubts.


CJ Parker, Perennial Prey 

WWE doesn’t seem to trust that Parker is anything some-more than a stepping stone.

When a association indispensable someone for Mojo Rawley to hurl over, it went with Parker. The same unfolding played out for Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens and Bull Dempsey. Alex Riley is a latest to join that list, creation Parker his launchpad as he tries to arise behind to prominence.

The concentration was on Riley during this bout, and Parker couldn’t conduct to change that.

He was plain here yet didn’t make a clever impression. That’s been a story of his NXT run. He plays his impression well, moves solidly in a ring and works a decent match. None of it is spectacular, though.

That’s an emanate when perplexing to contest with guys such as Corbin, who has all-world presence, Adrian Neville, who has top-notch drifting skills, or Owens, who is a mic maestro. 

Other prospects are progressing, heightening already pointy swords. This is as pointy as Parker’s arms gets, and it’s not going to be adequate to get him to WWE proper.


The Divas

NXT Diva Rankings

Sasha Banks
Most discriminating womanlike in-ring worker, clever heel work, glorious showmanship.
Huge upside, good presence, athletic, glorious in a ring and will continue to get better.
Great tie with a crowd, good yet inapt in a ring, works gimmick intensely well.
Becky Lynch
Excellent pad worker, good athlete, gimmick not clicking.
Alexa Bliss
Showing good alleviation in a ring, good showmanship, glorious on a mic.
Good presence, charismatic, tender in a ring,

Height from WWE.com


Time Away Well Spent

Bliss has been out of movement for weeks with a damaged nose. She emerged a distant improved wrestler than when she stepped offscreen

Her technical wrestling is better. Fans saw that when she flung Carmella around with an armdrag or took her to a pad with a headlock takedown. Bliss tranquil a gait of a compare and was a ring ubiquitous here.

Credit: WWE.com

She delivered overwhelming forearm shots and rolled around uniformly in a ring.

Her in-ring arsenal was some-more sundry than we have seen in a past. That includes a new finisher dubbed a Sparkle Splash. The rambling dash from a tip wire looked excellent, as did many of her moves. 

Kudos to Bliss for putting in a time to take these strides. NXT officials have to be vehement about where she progresses next.

Carmella is a improved showman and talker during a moment, yet she has some vital throwing adult to do in terms of what happens on a canvas.

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