WWE NXT Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from Mar 4

March 5, 2015 - WWE

Kevin Owens continued to torture Alex Riley on Wednesday night when NXT invaded a WWE Network, inexplicably targeting a wrestler-turned-commentator while opposition Sami Zayn remained out of a country.

With no one to urge him, and notwithstanding a warnings by NXT ubiquitous manager William Regal, Riley lashed out during a NXT champion, creation it famous that he is not going to lay behind and concede anyone to brag him, even if pronounced brag is a impossibly dangerous Owens.

Speaking of dangerous, Sasha Banks shielded her NXT Women’s Championship opposite Charlotte in a night’s categorical event. In another superb compare between a sour enemies, Banks was means to measure a sinister win, regulating a ropes to assistance her collect adult a pinfall over her second-generation opponent.

Baron Corbin returned to action, Solomon Crowe battled Bull Dempsey, and NXT tab group champions Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake scored another feat as they float a call of movement into spring.

Which Superstars and Divas left Wednesday night’s promote winners? Which were reduction lucky?


Winner: Sasha Banks

There has not been a improved women’s wrestler in all of WWE over a final 6 months than Sasha Banks.

Whether it was in a losing bid opposite Charlotte behind during Takeover: R Evolution or capturing a women’s pretension during Takeover: Rival, she has done a comprehensive many of a opportunities presented to her. More importantly, she has served as a face of a renewed bid by a code to infer that women can combat matches as superb as any of their masculine counterparts.

Banks basked in a categorical eventuality spotlight Wednesday and continued to settle herself as a tip heel in NXT‘s Divas division. By defeating Charlotte by regulating a ropes, she planted a seeds for a delay of a rivalry, all a while delivering another unusual competition to serve concrete her standing as a worker.

A good display by a Diva some-more prepared for a categorical register than any other in NXT.


Winners: Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake

There was a time, not all that prolonged ago, when Blake and Murphy were encouragement talents, losing to a likes of The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension. Now the NXT tab group champions, they were means to spin a tables, competing as a determined group opposite dual immature up-and-comers Wednesday night in a form of Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton.

Wins like a one they scored this week will go a prolonged approach in assisting settle them as a standard-bearers of a tab division. At a same time, it will be needed for NXT‘s artistic army to rise Blake and Murphy’s characters, to give them something to be other than only “two guys with belts.”

If that can happen, a group can continue to flower as it develops a in-ring chemistry that it has shown flashes of in new bouts.


Loser: Bull Dempsey

Remember when Bull Dempsey was an undefeated force of inlet in NXT, winning all of his matches and environment adult a fight of epic proportions with Baron Corbin?

It seems like an perpetuity now given what The Last of a Dying Breed has been adult to as of late.

Three waste to Corbin, a better during a hands of Hideo Itami and a unsatisfactory night opposite visitor Solomon Crowe has left Dempsey in a identical state to Mojo Rawley, who enjoyed a outrageous pull out of a embankment though afterwards fell behind down to earth when it became apparent that he was conjunction prepared nor engaging adequate to clear his push.

Dempsey is now left in an unenviable position. Will he be means to rebound? Only time will tell.


Winner: Alex Riley

Four years ago, Alex Riley was one of a many over Superstars on WWE‘s categorical register following a rarely publicized separate between he and The Miz. He frequently perceived some of a biggest pops of any given uncover and connected with a assembly in ways many never expected.

He afterwards abruptly disappeared, left to work D-level shows like Superstars.

Over time, he emerged as a gifted commentator and WWE Network researcher though continued to demonstrate on amicable media his enterprise to step feet behind inside a squared circle.

With his budding adversary with NXT champion Owens, a impulse he has waited so prolonged for now appears to be on a horizon.

Riley is accurately a form of impression that NXT does so well. As a announcer targeted by Owens, Riley is a babyface who is easy to hearten for. The story is elementary enough, and fans conflict accordingly.

A fibre of clever performances in a entrance weeks could lead to a career rebirth of Riley, a man who never unequivocally deserved a diagnosis he perceived from management.

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