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December 25, 2014 - WWE

Women’s wrestling has proven to be essential to a arise and vicious success of World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT code around 2014.

From Paige to Emma and Bayley to Natalya, fans have been treated to some of a many noted and highest-quality matches in womanlike sports entertainment, pleasantness of a subsequent era product.

At Takeover: R Evolution, a latest two-hour live eventuality special presented by NXT, second-generation Diva Charlotte shielded her women’s championship opposite former crony and tab group partner, Sasha Banks, in a compare that ranks as one of a best a code has presented all year.

It was an impossibly earthy compare that saw a former BFFs unleash on any other with unbending shots, high-impact maneuvers and disturb a assembly with some reversals and near-falls that kept them guessing as to whom would leave with a pretension in their possession.

The answer, ultimately, was Charlotte, as she pinned Banks following Natural Selection from a tip rope.

Rightfully hailed as a unusual wrestling match, it was usually healthy that government would book a rematch as shortly as possible.

What improved night to give that benefaction to fans than Christmas as a prerogative to fans for their continued faithfulness and support?

The rest of Thursday’s uncover was a summation show, a demeanour behind during a year in NXT. Video packages clinging to Paige and Adrian Neville aired, recaps of a latest Takeover special reminded fans of usually how overwhelming that uncover was and Renee Young and newly minted commentator Corey Graves hosted.

But a pull was clearly Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for a NXT Women’s Championship. 

With a special coming by a champion’s father, a mythological “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, vigour was on Charlotte to keep her pretension and remind fans of because she is deliberate a destiny face of women’s wrestling in WWE.

Would she attain or would a roster’s answer to Mean Girls’ Regina George applaud a unequivocally Merry Christmas with a initial pretension win of her blossoming career?


Broadcast Team

Rich Brennan, Alex Riley and Jason Albert


The Match

Ric Flair introduced Charlotte before to a match, afterwards walked a aisle by her side, display huge support for her.

Banks did not uncover Flair, nor his daughter, a same honour that a explanation group did, removing right in a champion’s face and articulate rabble before a pre-match ring announcements.

The Divas dismissed off tough right hands and forearms to start, with Charlotte holding control seconds in and operative a leg as shortly as possible.

Charlotte used Bank’s burning rage opposite her, afterwards employed her strength to her advantage and took a challenger down with a impact before again targeting a knee.

A cunning and quick Banks seized an opening and brought Charlotte crashing face and shoulder-first into a steel post.

Back from a break, a challenger worked over a behind with a few clubbing forearms and a array of open-hand slaps.

Further punishment to a behind of a champion led to Banks requesting a back-centered acquiescence hold. Again regulating her strength to her advantage, Charlotte fought to her feet and delivered a regulating jaw-breaker that cut off a challenger’s substantial momentum.

Charlotte mounted a comeback, regulating a large neck-breaker and some Flair chops to put Banks down, yet a self-proclaimed Boss of NXT dodged a regulating knee dump and delivered a Bankrupt neck-breaker.

The champion kicked out during two.

Banks responded with a Bank Statement, yet Charlotte was means to squeeze reason of a ropes, forcing a break.

The challenger strike a ropes for a self-murder dive attempt, yet a second-generation star bloody her with a forearm to a side of a head.

A superplex brought a throng to a feet and scarcely won a pretension for Banks.

Charlotte attempted to request a Figure Four leg tighten yet Banks countered into a tiny package for two. The legs of a competitors remained locked, however, and Charlotte finally trapped her competition in a hold, bridged back to supplement vigour and scored a acquiescence victory.

Father and daughter distinguished to tighten out a broadcast.



Charlotte degraded Sasha Banks around acquiescence with a Figure Four


Highlights and Quotes

“Sasha Banks…really stepped out during NXT Takeover: R Evolution, and yet she did not win, she positively grown and evolved.” -Alex Riley

“I didn’t pass a torch. My daughter took the torch.” -Ric Flair

“How considerable is it that Sasha Banks is not usually not intimidated by Charlotte, she’s not intimidated by a Nature Boy?” -Riley

“Sasha Banks is true GANGSTA!” -Riley, with a misfortune call of a year






There was reason to trust that there was no possibility Charlotte and Sasha Banks would broach a compare anywhere nearby a classical they constructed during NXT Takeover: R Evolution. That hitch was so good, with such signature performances from any woman, that it would be ridiculous to trust they could replicate it one night later, during a many new turn of radio tapings.

But that is accurately what happened.

Charlotte and Banks delivered another superb match. It was a competition that was impossibly heated and unequivocally done a fans feel a loathing between a competitors.

The psychology and storytelling was many positively adult to standard with a strange while a Divas did a unusual pursuit of enthralling what was radically a same assembly from a night before.

The participation of Ric Flair, not to discuss a fact that it was a usually new compare on this week’s show, now towering it in terms of importance. The women followed adult a hype, a resplendence and a business with a compare honourable of approval on year-end lists.

Most really go out of your approach to dial adult a WWE Network and check out this week’s broadcast, even if we fast-forward all else usually to get to a categorical event.

It is that good.

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