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December 5, 2014 - WWE

Just one week before they conflict The Ascension in one of a NXT Takeover: R Evolution categorical events, Hideo Itami and Finn Balor faced a most some-more technically sound twin in Tyson Kidd and “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze.

Kidd was accompanied to a ring by Natalya, who continues to demeanour positively pleasing in a Miss Elizabeth role.

Kidd and Breeze gained control of a hitch after an early exchange, isolating Balor and operative him over as they valid that they will not hurl over and let a newcomers take their spots.

Itami done a prohibited tab and exploded into a squared round with a flurry of offense, throwing Breeze with a disagreeable dropkick in a corner.

The pain and punishment continued for Breeze, who suffered a infamous double stomp from Balor and a flog from Itami for a win.



Finn Balor and Hideo Itami degraded Tyson Kidd and Tyler Breeze


Highlights and Quotes

“If we ask a NXT Universe, we wouldn’t contend this is Tyson Kidd’s yard.” -Jason Albert, ignoring a fact that a fans are chanting pro-Kidd sentiments

“Sometimes it’s not what we do, though how we do it.” -Alex Riley, deliberating a well-placed offense of Tyson Kidd in a good bit of discernment from a underrated commentator






The compare was nowhere nearby a blow divided peculiarity fans would come to design from these 4 Superstars but, afterwards again, it was never meant to be. Instead, it was a showcase for Itami and Balor streamer into their compare with The Ascension.

Their opponents only happened to be dual of a best workers in NXT who, for whatever reason, are not requisitioned on a Dec 11 Takeover: R Evolution show.

In that context, it worked to perfection. The babyfaces showed some superb power late in a hitch as bad Tyler Breeze was brutalized to a entertainment of a fans.

Most engaging about a whole distress was a brief impulse early, before a bell, where Tyler Breeze attempted to reason a ropes open for Natalya, sketch a madness of Kidd.

If we recall, there was a promo a few weeks behind in that Breeze done an light criticism about carrying Nattie’s series in his phone, to that Kidd questioned because he would be in possession of pronounced information.

It was never unequivocally hinted during again until Thursday’s show, where Breeze attempted to be gentlemanly and Kidd took exception.

Could a adversary between Kidd and Breeze over a love of Natalya be on a horizon?

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