WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Jun 7

June 8, 2017 - WWE

    The categorical eventuality of this week’s uncover featured No Way Jose’s query for reprisal as he battled Killian Dain in singles competition.

    A dynamic Jose took a quarrel to his incomparable opponent, throwing him with a double ax hoop and large foot that sent Dain to a locus floor, a demeanour of contempt and disappointment portrayal his face.

    Back from a blurb break, Dain seized control and wore his fun-inciting competition down. His strength and distance advantage a profitable weapon, he trapped Jose in a neck vise. He cut off a quip try and reapplied a hold.

    Dain held his competition with a fusillade of forearm strikes to a chest before Jose mounted a comeback.

    The babyface attempted a fireman’s carry, though a weight of Dain valid too much. A second try and a TKO downed Dain for an impossibly tighten near-fall.

    Jose attempted a wind-up punch, though Dain held him with a large dropkick and a Ulster Plantation finished a renouned Superstar as Sanity got behind on a winning track, pleasantness of Dain’s desirous performance.



    Killian Dain degraded No Way Jose






    This was a hard-fought categorical eventuality that featured one of Jose’s improved performances to date. He was determined, earthy and left some a showboating during home as he sought victory.

    Dain, an immensely jaunty large man, showcased his ability set as he evenly and impressively degraded a poignant hazard to Sanity.

    The usually doubt now is where both go from here.

    Sanity has been rather directionless, operative guys like Jose and Roderick Strong but unequivocally carrying rhyme or reason for doing so. A good understanding of a movement they had on their arrangement seems to have dissipated.

    Jose, on a other hand, is a renouned babyface a code clearly values. Unfortunately, what awaits him in a subsequent handful of weeks is unclear.

    That is unless a delay of a fight with Sanity will keep him and that coterie busy.

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