WWE NXT Takeover III Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

December 12, 2014 - WWE

Sami Zayn’s highway to emancipation culminated Thursday night with his compare opposite Adrian Neville for a NXT Championship. The hitch was simply a many approaching of a whole promote and, for those true NXT fans, one of a many anxiously awaited of a year.

“Ole!” chants rained from a stands, substantiating Zayn as a strenuous throng favorite. Neville, a design of confidence, seemed to bask in a contempt from a NXT Universe.

Zayn took control early, regulating a springboard moonsault to a building to clean Neville out. 

Neville practical a sleeper, afterwards followed adult with a nasty using uppercut to measure a dual count, wrestling control from Zayn. A large knee dump to a face serve put a challenger during a disadvantage.

Zayn exploded over a tip wire with a using plancha, ascent a comeback. A high cranky physique retard scored a dual count for him. The throng rose to a feet following a near-fall off of a blue towering explosve from a challenger.

The champion, not to be outdone, delivered another of his disagreeable uppercuts to take behind a top hand.

Both competitors exchanged tough right hands as a throng came unglued. A nasty lariat clothesline incited Neville inside out though a missed Helluvah Kick led to a Red Arrow try by Neville. He held zero though knees and Zayn practical a Koji Clutch.

“Tap! Tap! Tap!” a throng demanded though a champion denied them of their happy finale by draping his feet over a bottom rope. A head-to-head collision between Neville and a central threatened Zayn’s pretension hunt though he kicked out of a retreat headscissors during two.

Neville dodged a second Helluvah Kick try though could not steep out of a approach of a hurricane DDT onto a locus floor. Back inside a squared circle, Zayn finally delivered his finisher though Neville had pulled th central in between he and a charging challenger.

After wrestling with a preference to blast Neville with a NXT pretension or not, Zayn tossed a pretension aside, delivered a outrageous exploder suplex into a dilemma and finished Neville’s pretension power off with a Helluvah Kick.

The NXT Arena erupted into a outrageous acclaim as Zayn distinguished his much-deserved championship victory. Kevin Owens finished his approach to a ring and embraced his best friend, followed by a rest of a NXT roster. Even Pat Patterson, prolonged a defender of guys who could move it from bell-to-bell, assimilated in.

Neville returned to a ring and confronted Zayn. The opponents hugged in a pointer of sportsmanship and respect.

Just as it looked like NXT fans would be left with a happy finale they waited so prolonged for, Owens shoved Zayn down on a ramp, afterwards delivered a infamous powerbomb into a ring apron, withdrawal William Regal and medics to check on a new champion.



Sami Zayn pinned Adrian Neville to win a NXT Championship


Highlights and Quotes

“Is this a final time that Sami Zayn answers a bell here in NXT?” -Rich Brennan

“I don’t consider I’ve ever seen a throng spin on Adrian Neville like that.” -Alex Riley

“As most as this compare is Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville, it is Sami Zayn vs. himself.” -Corey Graves

“Now is not a time for morals.” -Graves






Longtime fans have waited, rather patiently, for a impulse that Sami Zayn would finally constraint a NXT Championship and Thursday night, they got their moment. As is a box with all WWE does, a jubilee was unusual as a locker room emptied to uncover honour to Zayn.

The turn involving Owens was ideally finished as no one approaching it, generally after a weeping welcome between a dual usually moments earlier. For dual guys who have been so closely compared for so most of their careers, it was usually a matter of time before they finished adult operative with any other.

Who knew, then, that it would be so soon?

Regardless, a actions of Owens now freshen adult a categorical eventuality stage in NXT and give fans an greatly personal module for a pretension distinct any they have ever seen.

From a match, to a jubilee to a intolerable conclusion, this was simply one of a best half-hours of WWE programming all year.

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