WWE strictly announces worldwide Women’s Tournament

April 1, 2017 - WWE

We’ve waited with anticipation ever given Triple H initial suggested skeleton for a Women’s Tournament to FOX Sports some-more than 3 months ago — and on Saturday, WWE done a news official.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Raw Women’s Champion Bayley, SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and NXT Women’s Champion Asuka were on palm to make a announcement.

Via WWE.com:

For a initial time in WWE history, 32 of a tip womanlike competitors from around a universe will attend in a contest this summer on WWE Network.

The long-rumored contest was reliable currently as partial of “WWE Reimagined,” a display hold during a business partner limit in Orlando, Fla., during WrestleMania Week.

Competitors from 17 countries are approaching to attend in a tournament, underscoring a extent and general farrago of women’s wrestling.

The Women’s Tournament follows in a arise of WWE’s successful Cruiserweight Classic, that spawned a reborn Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live, a United Kingdom Championship Tournament, and a annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

When Triple H sat down with a FOX Sports Wrestling Compadres behind in January, he explained that a Women’s Tournament has been a passion of his for utterly a while:

TRIPLE H: So, that’s another one of my big, large kind of passions, is to go do that, a women’s tournament. And we’re down a highway a bit of — a harder thing now, in a changing landscape, we feel like infrequently in WWE, like, we know, Tuesday, I’m like, “Okay, so this is where we’re going, right? No changing it? Yes!” On Wednesday morning, we have to call, it’s like, “We’re not doing that anymore.”

So we demeanour during a landscape and how most it’s altered in a final year. NXT Takeovers now are trustworthy to a “Big Four” pay-per-views. Raw and SmackDown have separate brands and have pay-per-views of their own, yet there’s some-more pay-per-views. When we demeanour during a large calendar of where do we hang an event, that’s changed. And we have to demeanour for a space where we go like, “Do it here! … no, that’s not good, we have a holiday.” Right?

So it’s unequivocally only been a routine with a women of us anticipating a right time and space. This one worked out good with a small opening before Rumble here, to fit this contest in and doing it in a shorter time frame, doing it live.

The women, we’re substantially going to do this summer, is what I’m hoping, and a lot of women performers only [reacted] when we pronounced that, yet that’s a devise anyway. And we know, again, most like cruisers, it’s to go scour a creation and maybe find a girls that are out there doing this that no one’s listened of, that no one has seen, that are like these diamonds waiting, and move them up.

And let’s see what they can do, and perform people with a tournament, and let them be unprotected to this new talent. And during a same time, only massively boost a event and a talent pool for us, and for everyone, really.

WWE is in Orlando this weekend for WrestleMania 33, that starts with a Kickoff Show live on a WWE Network during 5:00 p.m ET/2:00 p.m PT on Sunday.

Before we settle in for Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg, The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns and a rest of a ‘Mania card, though, check out NXT TakeOver, as Asuka puts her undefeated strain (and title) on a line and Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode strive for a NXT Championship.


source ⦿ http://www.foxsports.com/wwe/story/wwe-womens-tournament-official-triple-h-announcement-32-wrestlers-worldwide-bayley-sasha-banks-alexa-bliss-040117

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