WWE Payback 2015: Champions Who Will Continue Their Reign

May 18, 2015 - WWE

The 2015 book of WWE’s Payback pay-per-view is Sunday night, and several champions will continue their reigns by during slightest Elimination Chamber.

From Seth Rollins expected maintaining a WWE World Heavyweight Championship to The New Day once again fortifying a WWE Tag Team Championships, several belts will not change hands Sunday.

Here are a champions who will successfully keep their bullion during WWE Payback 2015.


Seth Rollins

Despite WWE’s best efforts to remonstrate a fans that Rollins could dump a universe pretension during Payback in a Fatal 4-Way opposite Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, a fans know he will successfully retain.

The pivotal is Brock Lesnar. As undoubtedly a biggest pull in a association right now, Lesnar needs a marquee compare and will wish to get his hands on a universe title. Rollins and Lesnar have legitimate beef, and that is a compare a WWE should wish during SummerSlam.

To get Rollins vs. Lesnar during SummerSlam for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a champion needs to travel out of Payback with a title. While Reigns, Orton and Ambrose will get a possibility to shine, Rollins contingency keep a belt streamer into Elimination Chamber.


The New Day

Surprisingly, one of a many interesting tools of WWE programming any week has been a slow-played heel spin of The New Day. They have welcomed a gimmick, and a outcome has been fun to watch.

While Kofi Kingston still is training to play a heel, Xavier Woods and Big E have embraced a characters and are thriving. With Kingston and Big E carrying a brunt of a effort in a ring, a three-man fast is removing legitimate feverishness from a fans.

The WWE announced that a Elimination Chamber PPV would underline a tab group chronicle of a match, that indicates a outcome of Payback means nothing. The New Day should keep opposite Kidd and Cesaro yet go on to remove a belts during a finish of a month.


Nikki Bella

I know that Nikki Bella is not fortifying a Divas Championship during Payback, yet this is as good a place as any to opening a disappointment with this division. As someone who witnessed Sasha Banks and Charlotte categorical eventuality a uncover in Philadelphia, we trust a continued miss of support for a Divas is inexcusable.

Whether or not we like a Bella Twins or a other women on a roster, several can indeed combat when they get a chance. Instead of a WWE throwing together nonetheless another incomprehensible tab group match, though, Nikki should be confronting Naomi one-on-one.

Anyone who watches NXT, TNA or even Lucha Underground on a weekly basement sees women being portrayed clever in wrestling with legitimate storylines. If WWE truly wanted to make wrestling fans happy, officials behind a scenes would have listened to a #GiveDivasAChance transformation already.


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