WWE Payback 2015: Predicting Winners for All Projected Title Matches

May 8, 2015 - WWE

While a label for Payback 2015 is still entrance together, it’s sincerely transparent who’s going to be competing for titles on a show.

The deficiency of a Intercontinental Championship due to Daniel Bryan’s damage is a genuine shame, though a other matches demeanour set to make adult for that opening in a card—even if many are rematches between pairings utterly informed to fans.

Here are a expected winners of a pretension matches that demeanour set to fill a label during Payback 2015.


United States Championship: John Cena vs. Rusev

Credit: WWE.com

Since Fastlane, we’ve seen John Cena get a improved of Rusev some-more times than not. The span demeanour set to put a tip on their argument come Payback, though it’s misleading who’ll come out on top.

While a hero competence be formidable to predict, it seems expected that we won’t see Rusev contend a difference “I quit.” Perhaps Lana competence supplement to a tensions between a dual by observant them on his behalf, though certainly a Super Athlete isn’t about to collect adult nonetheless another candid loss.

Rusev needs a magnitude of payback to have any movement entrance out of this feud, and it seems like it would have to come during subsequent weekend’s pay-per-view. Making John Cena quit would be a truly startling moment, and do a good understanding to legitimize a Bulgarian Brute.

However, a Rusev win would seem like a step retrograde in some ways. His extensive power with a United States Championship did usually about all it could for Rusev; another run with a belt competence come off as a rehash.

This is maybe a many formidable pretension compare to envision during Payback. It unequivocally could go possibly way, though Rusev seems like a likeliest leader for a fact that he’s had unequivocally small to applaud over a march of this feud.

Winner: Rusev


Tag Team Championship: The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Credit: WWE.com

At Extreme Rules, The New Day won a Tag Team Championships in a truly glorious bout. Now, it seems expected that they’ll urge their titles opposite a former champs during slightest one some-more time.

While The New Day struggled to find their feet as a organisation for a small while, their new opinion helped put a coterie on march for success. However, it was a glorious compare they had with Cesaro and Kidd during Extreme Rules that unequivocally hermetic a deal.

Jam-packed with all a fast-paced movement that a tab multiplication should righteously offer, that’s a arrange of opening that New Day can move to a table. In terms of ring work, they’re a ideal group to build a abounding multiplication around.

For that reason, it would be foolish to design anything other than a win for a reigning champions during Payback. Furthermore, fans should be looking brazen to nonetheless another standout compare from dual unequivocally gifted teams.

Winners: The New Day


Divas Championship: Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Credit: WWE.com

This week, Naomi employed a services of Tamina Snuka to take out both a Bella Twins on Raw. With another shot during a Divas Championship clearly set for Payback, is now her time to explain a gold?

Much like Nikki Bella, Naomi is one of a many womanlike competitors on a WWE register who has taken advantage of unchanging in-ring foe to entirely adult her game. It’s good to see her get a spotlight for a while, as she has a intensity to turn an critical partial of her division.

However, it roughly seems too early in her time as a critical challenger to a Divas Championship for her to take home a title. Nikki Bella has amassed something of a extensive reign, carrying won a belt during Survivor Series final year—this compare doesn’t seem to have a gravitas to put that run to an end.

Instead, it’s expected that Bella will reason a pretension until NXT standout Charlotte creates her approach to a categorical roster. There’s a clarity that a Divas of a categorical register are in a holding settlement until their numbers can be fleshed out with developmental talent, though a multiple of both sets of stars binds a lot of promise.

Winner: Nikki Bella


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Credit: WWE.com

Payback will see a former members of a Shield competition a WWE World Heavyweight Championship rather progressing than expected—and with Randy Orton set to join a fray, it looks set to be a stellar categorical event.

With 3 fan favourites all looking for their possibility to give Seth Rollins a beating, it would seem that a champion has his work cut out for him. However, a weasel like a Architect should have small problem utilizing his antithesis into holding one another out.

Rollins seems expected to retain, given that he’s usually hold a pretension for reduction than dual months. However, during slightest one of his associate Hounds of Justice will have a pretension all though won before a compare is over, usually to be thwarted by another aspirant or outward interference. 

These 4 group will separate off into dual singles feuds following Payback, though it’s not transparent who will be confronting who. Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose would be a uninformed pairing that allows Reigns to make an bid during transitioning to a categorical event, though there are copiousness of configurations that would work well.

However, it seems roughly certain that Rollins will still be on tip following Payback—what will unequivocally be engaging is how distant he’ll go to say that position.

Winner: Seth Rollins


Who do we see entrance out of Payback with bullion around their waist? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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